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Main Components Of Slime Without Glue

Studies have shown that it contains a high percentage of boron, which is a harmful irritating substance that has a harmful effect on the skin, eyes and throat. If swallowed by a child, it causes irritation in the digestive system, causing stomach pain and vomiting or diarrhea may occur, and if a large amount is swallowed, this is unlikely. It can be fatal, Slime Without Glue.


Homemade Slime Without Glue.. Is It Safe?

  • There are types of home-made slime that can be harmful, especially those containing Borax, which is sodium borate, one of the boron compounds, and diluted with water to make the slime moist.
  • Borax is one of the materials that cause dangers, as it is available at home and is found in many detergents and laundry soaps. It is an irritant to the skin, especially the skin affected by wounds. It is also irritating to the eyes, nose and respiratory system.
  • If the child swallows it, it causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and can cause first-degree burns to the skin if borax is used without drying or if the child suffers from allergies.
  • There are slime made at home from a solution of contact lenses, which is used to dry the consistency of the slime.
  • There are those who use men’s shaving cream to make slime fluffy, but it may cause irritation to the skin, especially if the skin is broken, and if a child swallows it, it may cause stomach pain.
  • Slime Without Glue

Can Slime Transmit Infection?

Bacteria can grow on its surface and this is difficult because of some components such as boron or brox. The gum prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Therefore, you must be careful to put the slime in clean containers after use and preferably put it in the refrigerator to reduce the sleep of bacteria. Hands must also be washed before and after playing with slime and cleaning the places Where playing occurs, with the continued contact of surfaces with slime and its circulation in the hands of children, which may lead to the transmission of infection from one child to another, and the color-changing slime must be disposed of.


How does slime work without glue or glue?

7 different and easy ways Slime is one of the entertaining and fun games that many children prefer. There are many recipes that can be free of glue or broccoli powder that is used in the manufacture of slime available in the market, and these recipes are:

First: Use yogurt and starch We put a tablespoon of yogurt in a deep bowl and stir well until it is liquid and free of pieces or lumps, then add three tablespoons of starch, preferably cornstarch, and if cornstarch is not available, corn flour can be used, then add some drops of food coloring in the preferred color and then stir the ingredients well And the kneading begins with the hands until the ingredients turn into slime that can be used and played with, and the formation of granular shapes using special molds or hands. When the toys are finished, they must be placed in the refrigerator in a sealed and clean box. When its smell or color changes, it is preferable to dispose of it and do not use it so as not to cause the transmission of diseases.

Second: Slime method with liquid soap and starch Ingredients: Three tablespoons of cornstarch, one and a half tablespoons of liquid dish soap, a few drops of natural coloring, and a deep bowl for kneading and making slime. Method: We put the spoon and a half of liquid soap for washing dishes in the deep bowl, then add the colored substance about three points, then add three spoons of cornstarch, then stir the mixture with the spoon well until the mixture mixes and becomes homogeneous, then we start kneading with our hands until it turns into a slime dough.

Third: How to make slime using body lotion Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 2 tablespoons of body wash, food colouring. Method: We put in a deep bowl two tablespoons of body lotion, and we can add more if we need another amount, then add three drops of the favorite food color, then stir well until we get the desired color, then add two tablespoons of cornstarch, then stir well and knead the mixture well with hands until we get the desired color. We get the desired texture and after playing the slime should be placed in a clean container.


Fourth: How to make shampoo slime Ingredients: a cup of starch, a quarter cup of hair shampoo, food colors, water, a deep bowl. Method: We put a quarter cup of shampoo in a deep bowl, then add food colors or bright colors, stirring well until we get the desired color, then add a cup of starch after that and start mixing well using a wooden spoon, then add a little water and start kneading with hands until we get On the texture we want for slime.

Fifth: How to make marshmallow slime This is an easy way, with safe and natural ingredients, and with ingredients that are easy to provide, and we are not afraid for our children to use and play with it. Ingredients: a cup of marshmallows, food coloring, two tablespoons of vegetable oil such as coconut oil, two tablespoons of starch, two tablespoons of sugar. Method: Put the marshmallow with vegetable oil in a bowl suitable for entering the microwave oven for twenty seconds until it melts, then add three drops of your favorite color of food coloring to the melted marshmallow and stir well with a wooden spoon until we get the desired color, then add starch and sugar to the marshmallow mixture and stir Well, we start kneading by hand until we get a cohesive slime dough, and this type is completely safe for children because it is made with natural ingredients.

Sixth: How to make slime with one ingredient It is chewing gum and warm water, where the gum and warm water are mixed well and stirred for a few minutes until we get slime with one simple ingredient.

Seventh: How to make slime with starch or flour Ingredients: 1 cup of starch or flour, 2 cups of water for dough, healthy food colouring. Method: We start by dissolving the granulated color with water in a deep bowl, then start adding starch or flour until we get a cohesive texture and start kneading by hand until the slime is formed.


What are the benefits of playing with slime for children? Slime that is suitable for the child to play and suitable for his age must be chosen so that he does not swallow it. Therefore, it is forbidden to play with it at young, undistinguished ages so that the child does not swallow it and harm his health. Slime has many benefits for children when playing with it, such as:

  • Simplifying science and chemistry concepts: Slime can be used to explain some chemical concepts when two or more substances are combined, as the shape and properties of the substance change to form new substances.
  • Chaotic play: The way children play varies according to the age of the child. As the child grows, the messy play decreases, but there are studies that show the advantages of chaotic play, as it is important to stimulate children’s senses greatly and facilitates the release of chaotic energy in children properly so that he can get rid of stress in a correct and proper way.
  • Playing the game of slime calms the children: The game of slime can help calm the child who is very mobile, as he sits for long hours, releases his energy and plays quietly with slime, as this game is one of the best games for children who suffer from aggressive and violent behavior against others, as anger and tension avoid them.
  • The slime game can be used as a way to keep away from the screens of phones or TV: This game can be used with children who love to play with mobile phones. Hours without getting bored, as it is a game that develops the child’s senses, relieves him of stress and makes him cooperative with others, so you must check the components of the slime game before buying it so that it does not contain any harmful substances for the child’s health and can be purchased from a trusted place or can be made at home in one of the previously mentioned ways Safe, healthy and without any harmful substances for the baby’s health.

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