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50 Cent’s trip with his nine-year-old son, Sire, to a place all children dream of going to is Disneyland, and the cameras captured pictures of the father next to his son on their way to the city.

50 Cent Accompanies His Son To Disneyland

Fifty Cent appeared in tracksuits, black basketball shorts with a black cap, and the duo seemed to be having fun together at Disneyland.

Even though 50 Cent has two sons, Sire considers him the closest to him and has allowed him to enjoy amazing opportunities in his life already.

50 Cent Accompanies His Son To Disneyland

50 Cent Accompanies His Son To Disneyland
When he was just two years old, Sire was awarded a $700,000 contract, and Fifty Cent previously revealed that he had set up a trust for Sire so that he could enjoy the fortune when he got older.

Unfortunately, that generosity did not extend to the eldest son, 25-year-old Marquis Jackson, who he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Shanica Tompkins, and for years the duo have been in a state of ferocious feud that does not subside.

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Marquez told Rap-Up in 2017 about his relationship with his father: “I went really south when I was probably 10 or 11, it wasn’t around enough, it kind of waned over time and certain events happened.”

In 2018, the controversy escalated when Marques went out with the son of Supreme McGrave, one of 50 Cent’s rivals. distance.

50 Cent Clashed With His Son Michael Jackson

 Comments on a video clip on the account of the famous hip-hop singer 50 Cent witnessed a clash and exchange of words between him and Paris Michael Jackson, after the first published a video clip on Instagram of singer Chris Brown, performing some show moves on stage and commenting, “All I want to I tell him I’ve never seen Michael Jackson do something like this.”

Only a few hours passed until the daughter of the late King of Pop entered and wrote in the comments in response to the description of 50 Cent, “True legends do not need to practice enormous amounts and movements to attract attention, stillness and silence, my friend, which are things you do not know anything about, in reference to her father’s show performance. At his Superbowl concert in 1993.”

The 44-year-old hip-hop singer quickly took the dispute over the late King of Pop’s video, describing it in another comment in response to Paris, “Why am I the bad guy, I understand how you feel, Paris, but does anyone care what the kids feel? Youngsters”, referring to the accusations that the King of Pop was recently subjected to molesting children at the Neverland Farm.

The 21-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop did not complete the response to the comments after 50 Cent pitted her father and sexual accusations into the dispute between them, which did not satisfy many fans of the 44-year-old singer.

Jackson was recently subjected to a major smear campaign after a documentary film titled Leaving Neverland accused him of sexual abuse and molestation of children, compromising them at group sex parties, and included interviews with musician Wade Robson and actor James Safechuck, who tell stories of their sexual exploitation by the King of Pop, when they were young. From the age of 7 and 10 years, which was not accepted by his fans around the world, describing the film as seeking to profit and reap the money.

Pictures of “50 Cent” Singer Swimming Between Dollars Lead Him To The Courtroom

New York, USA (CNN) — Pictures posted on Instagram by American rapper “50 Cent” have brought its owner to court on charges of debt evasion and failure to disclose his true wealth in a case brought against him by three people.

The famous singer, whose real name, Curtis Jackson, was accused of not disclosing his true wealth, after he posted three photos on his personal account on the Instagram site, one of which included bundles of money, which the singer had placed in his refrigerator, and in the second a large amount of money surrounded him while he was lying on his bed, while the third showed the singer arranging the money to form the word “broke” in English.
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Judge Ann Nevins said she was concerned about the “lack of transparency in this case” and asked Jackson to appear in court on Friday.

On the other hand, James Berman, 50Cent’s attorney, said, “His client did not hide anything from his wealth, but was “transparent and open with all creditors.” Berman added that Jackson will appear in court to answer all questions raised.

The lawsuit was filed against Jackson in January by the headphone production company Sleek Audio, SunTrust Bank and Jackson’s ex-girlfriend, Estonia Leviston, alleging that he owed them $29 million.

50 Cent is 41 years old. Get to know him in lines

International star 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson, turned 41 today on July 6.

50 Cent was born in 1975, in the US state of New York, and grew up without a father, until his mother died when he was eight years old, and he completed his childhood with his grandmother.

He is one of the most famous rap artists in the United States, and he has had many important roles on the big screen in Hollywood.

He acted in a number of films, including a movie about his life story, and an assassination attempt that failed after he was shot nine in different parts of his body.

He became famous after releasing his first album in 2003, “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and his famous song “In da Club”, which has sold more than 22 million copies worldwide, and he founded the band G-Unit.

Early in his life 50 Cent was involved in a legal case for helping sell four packages of cocaine to an undercover police officer. He was arrested again three weeks later, when police searched his home and found heroin and a trigger gun.

He was sentenced to three years in prison, but was able to serve for six months and get out as a result of good behaviour, as he was not using cocaine himself, but only selling it.

As for the 50 Cent title, the star chose him for a change, after Brooklyn’s Calvin Martin, the thief who rose to fame in 1980.

It is noteworthy that 50 Cent has never been married, but he has two children, the first with Shaniqua Tompkins in 1996, and the second with model Daphne Joy in 2012, and he is very attached to them, as he seeks to compensate for the deprivation of the father who lived in his childhood.

Rapper “50 Cent” Discovers He Has Millions of Dollars in Bitcoin

American rapper 50 Cent has suddenly discovered he owns millions of dollars in bitcoin, thanks to the forgotten sales of one of his albums.

In 2014, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, released an album called “Animal Ambition”, and became the first artist to accept payments in electronic currency.

The singer received more than 700 bitcoins according to the deal, but then forgot about that amount and didn’t cash it, according to celebrity news site TMZ.

The value of this amount of bitcoin is currently between 7 to 8 million dollars, but due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate of the electronic currency, this value may change at any time.

In 2014, the exchange rate of Bitcoin was equal to $662, but today, Thursday, its exchange rate reached $ 11,200 K, according to the Coindesk website.

50 Cent confirmed the news in an Instagram post, along with a screenshot of the TMZ article.

“Not bad for a kid from the South Side, I’m very proud of myself,” he wrote.

The singer also posted a picture of himself surrounded by bitcoins on Instagram, writing a playful comment: “Does anyone want a little bit of bitcoin? I know I might have bothered you, but excuse me, I’m going to collect the money.”

Over the past 12 months, many celebrities have received money to promote or support cryptocurrencies, via social networks.

Celebrity Support

Last September, Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx promoted the sale of cryptocurrencies on an exchange called Cobenhood.

The French reality TV star, Nabila, appeared on the Snapchat application on the twelfth of this January, encouraging her audience to invest in Bitcoin.

But Nabila’s video alarmed the French Capital Market Authority, which quickly tweeted on Twitter, warning the French not to invest in Bitcoin, because of the risks that it might involve.

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