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We look back at the lives of eight youngsters whose lives were turned upside down when they became famous.

7 Famous Child Stars Destroyed By Fame In 2023

Macaulay Culkin

Fame came at a young age after starring in the box office film Home Alone. He became the highest paid actor in Hollywood. The divorce of his parents and the fight for custody of him (or for his fortune) affected the boy, who in his adolescence and early adult life became addicted to drugs. He was also arrested and there were even rumors of an attempted murder. Fortunately, all this is behind him and he has put his life back on track, recently becoming a father.

7 Famous Child Stars Destroyed By Fame In 2023

Drew Barrymore

After his overwhelming success in the film E.T., Drew’s childhood was buried. At 8 years old he went to discos with his mother and at 11 he used cocaine and alcohol. He even tried to commit suicide. His family problems led him to emancipate himself at the age of 14. She was banished in Hollywood and he had to clean bathrooms to survive. After years of fighting, he regained his career and is currently one of the most beloved stars in the industry.

7 Famous Child Stars Destroyed By Fame In 2023

Lindsay Lohan

This star went from being an innocent and happy Disney girl to a troubled woman. Her private life turned into a disaster: her excesses led him to enter numerous rehabilitation clinics and even spend a time in jail. The ups and downs have been constant for the actress.

7 Famous Child Stars Destroyed By Fame In 2023

Linda Blair

She was 13 when she landed the title role in an iconic horror genre film, The Exorcist (1977). The success of the film was immediate and her Blair became a celebrity. At just 14 years old, she was seen at parties and she developed an addiction to alcohol and drugs; she even became the lover of a singer ten years her senior. She also stepped in jail. Unfortunately, her career took a nosedive.

7 Famous Child Stars Destroyed By Fame In 2023

Haley Joel Osment

He achieved world fame as the boy who could see ghosts in the movie The Sixth Sense. They nominated him for an Oscar and his future was promising. However, when he reached adolescence, he went astray. Parties, drugs, alcohol and being overweight marked his life. He has walked away from acting, although he is currently working as a producer.

7 Famous Child Stars Destroyed By Fame In 2023

Eduardo Garcia

One of the most famous child actors in Spain was Eduardo García. His role as Josemi in the series Here there is no one who lives (Antena 3) earned him great popularity. But not everything was rosy on set. Eduardo, who is now a rapper, reported that he was exploited on television. The self-proclaimed stoner, who now calls himself Dudu, has claimed that his childhood was stolen and financially taken advantage of.

7 Famous Child Stars Destroyed By Fame In 2023

Luis Miguel

The fame of the Mexican singer Luis Miguel came when he was only 10 years old. The recent Netflix series about his life recounts the abuse and manipulation that he suffered as a child. His father even gave him drugs so that he could resist marathon days of presentations, concerts and interviews. The parties, alcohol and women led him to incur multiple excesses. Despite the conflicts, he has managed to maintain his active career.

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