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AI Tricks

Millionaire Matt Higgins, co-founder and CEO of investment firm RSE Ventures, has revealed simple tricks with which to make quick wealth through artificial intelligence.

The self-made millionaire

“I grew up poor in Queens, New York, and I dropped out of high school at 16,” says Higgins.

I worked a side hustle like selling flowers on street corners during the day, and then attended college at night. I was deceitful and set lofty goals for myself.”

According to his article on CNBC, he added, “Since then, I’ve backed companies and sold them for hundreds of millions of dollars, been an investor in Shark Tank, and run two NFL teams.”

He continued, “But I often wonder what I would do if I went bankrupt and had to start over.

Fortunately, thanks to artificial intelligence, there has never been a more exciting time to make money.

I was especially inspired after reading about a college student who launched an AI project and was earning $64,000 a month.”

Here’s how you can use AI to generate thousands of dollars a month in passive income:

The first step is to identify a fast-moving direction.

Find a specific niche that has a passionate following. Make sure the trend is compelling enough that lots of people will pay you to learn the hacks.

Higgins advises, “Start with what you know best, or look up the latest social media trending posts.”

Step Two: “Become an expert within 24 hours.”

Take a day away from any distractions to learn about the latest AI tools to save time and money for essential business functions.

Search the internet, go to TikTok and Instagram, watch YouTube videos, exploit every tweet with the AI hashtag, and every step you learn you have to dump into your own comprehensive handbook or document.

If you don’t feel like writing, record yourself sharing your knowledge – don’t impersonate anyone – in a two-hour video, you can even use ChatGPT to help you compose your video transcript.

When you’re done, upload this unedited document or video to the online course builder.

Step Three: Create a logo and website for your training course.

First, come up with a clear, actionable title for your pitch, such as “How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Save Your Small Business Time and Money.”

If you don’t know the first thing about design, you can use AI software like Looka or Midjourney to build a great branding logo.

Then, to create an icon for your course post, use a site called Durable. In 30 seconds, you can build a website, optimize it for search, and even create AI-generated marketing promotions.

Another tool is Pictory, which allows you to turn a text course into cinematic promotional videos to better engage your customers.

Step 4: “Use AI as a Marketing and Sales Team”

For the final step, you can outsource all your marketing and copywriting strategies to ChatGPT.

All you need to do is to study the best motivators to get the most out of this magician, the entrepreneur believes that the Twitter platform is the best resource.

You can use the platform to create a newsletter, draft viral tweets, and issue irresistible emails, all without having to type a single word.

AI Tricks

The world’s youngest self-made billionaire recommends dropping out of college:

According to Austin Russell, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, he left Stanford University in 2012 to start his company, Luminar Technologies, after receiving a $100,000 grant from a Peter Thiel Fellowship.

Quit studying in order to earn money

CNBC asked Russell, 28, if he would recommend other entrepreneurial students to drop out. “Absolutely,” he replied, noting that college isn’t for everyone, saying, “It’s just kind of a traditional approach about what you do.” And what you are supposed to do.”

Russell’s decision proved to be the right one. His company, a tech start-up developing hardware and software aimed at powering self-driving cars, is now valued at $2.6 billion.

Moreover, he says, he would have left Stanford, even if he had not received the funding.

“If you’re wondering if I’d get out without the scholarship, yes,” says Russell. certainly. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind, it was going to happen anyway.

Obtaining a university degree

He’s not the only one who feels this way. More than 56% of people agree that a four-year college degree isn’t worth it, according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll.

Doubts about the practicality of an undergraduate degree have grown steadily over the years, although experts say higher education still yields positive outcomes, such as better salaries and higher-skilled job opportunities.

For Russell, the same resources you can get from a university are easily accessible via smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

Learning from the Internet

He added, “All of this information is now available at our fingertips through the Internet.

It’s not something that was true 50 years ago, but it’s absolutely true now,” he says.

“You can do all these kinds of things that were never possible,” he continued. You can get complete curricula and annual courses in a matter of weeks if you watch them again. There are many ways to transfer knowledge to oneself.

This does not mean that you will become an expert in a particular field with a quick search on YouTube, the key to facilitating your learning. “You have to have the initiative, you have to have the drive to do it,” says Russell. Especially as a businessman, there is no one to hold your hand all the way.”

He continued, “You are at least directly responsible for all the things that are under your control, such as what you do, what attractions you encounter and what kind of product you ultimately offer to the world.”

Russell says he doesn’t regret his choice at all. In fact, he played a major role in why “I was so lucky and thankful to see so much success at such a young age,” according to his statement.

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