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Antikythera, Greece

The stunning coastline and the Aegean Sea bless this beautiful island in Greece, which is a two-hour drive from Crete. The atoll has only 20 inhabitants and to repopulate it, the local Greek Church is urging people to move. They are not only giving you a piece of land, a place to live but also €500 ($590) as a monthly allowance for the initial three years of your stay. As of now, five families have made the move and many have applied!

Arranmore, Ireland

Situated along the picturesque northwest coast of the Republic Of Ireland, this cay is sponsoring people to move there. With only 470 inhabitants as of 2020, Arranmore high officials have sent letters to citizens of Australia and the US, urging them to move to the beautiful outcrop. Apart from loads of fresh seafood, serene beaches, and lots of Guinness (well, it is Ireland!), the island also has a tech-savvy feel to it with a digital workspace and high-speed internet. Although there was no exact amount mentioned, the Enterprise Ireland program could pay anywhere around €800,000 ($945,000) in direct funding. Now, that’s a goldmine!

Isle of Rum, Scotland

To be fair, anybody would want to move to a place named the Isle of Rum, wouldn’t they? Well, while there are only 30 odd inhabitants as of now, there are plenty of scenic attractions and natural wonders that will woo you away from your suburban flat. For starters, there are emerald mountains, cascading waterfalls, an Edward-era castle, and lots more. And not to mention, there are some great financial pulls, too. The local government is planning on building four eco-friendly houses and encouraging people to move there. So, what are you waiting for?

Sark, England

Sark is the smallest of the four Channel Islands and has no cars, which means you can go around cycling, hiking, or enjoying a carriage ride to get around. If that was not charming enough, the island boasts of beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife, and stunning stargazing spots ever since it received the designation of the first “dark sky” island in the world.

However, a lot of youngsters have left the place for bustling cities, which forced the residents to form the Sark Society. The organization urges people to move to this stunning tax-free isle and enjoy life to the fullest. As of last year, people having EU, Switzerland, or EEA passports can move to the isle without requiring a passport.

South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that truly looks otherworldly. With its stunning scenic attractions, the island nation attracts tourists and filmmakers from around the world. However, what if we told you that you could make your move to this beautiful country permanent? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the South Island’s Kaitangata village is giving houses and lands worth $230,000 NZ (around USD 160,000) to people who are willing to move to this island. There were over a thousand jobs in the tourism and agricultural domains, but not enough people to fill them. So, when are you making the move?


Mauritius is the perfect spot if you just want to forget everything and lay off the grid for a while. The country is known for its serene beaches and lagoons. Set in the middle of the stunning Indian Ocean, Mauritius is also known for its lush rainforests. The good thing is, now you can even own a home there! The Mauritius Business Growth Scheme that was launched in 2010 urges entrepreneurs to set up their base there and earn around 20,000 Mauritian rupees (which is about $500) per month annually and start their business venture.

And while the money might not sound too much, the cost of living is low and the quality of life is high.

Sicily, Italy

Let’s be honest: we all have imagined running away from our 9-5 life and visiting Italy. Well, you can now turn your dream into reality. CNN reported that the mayor of Cammarata, which is a hilltop close to Palermo, is giving away historical villas to new residents for free to rebuild the heritage sites. The catch? The owners have to renovate the villas within the first three years of moving in and put in a $5,900 security deposit, which they can take back later when the villa is renovated. And if you have a young child, the government will also provide an additional $1,180 bonus for your baby.

Some other Italian local governments have also set up such programs, which include Sambuca in Sicily. They sold homes for just one euro and even paid €700 ($825) every month, which all adds up to around $29,700 total to urge people to open new ventures in the location. Similarly, Locana offered people €9,000 ($10,600) over three years, so that families could make the move to this beautiful Piedmont enclave.

Which place do you fancy the most?

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