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Men who want to make their request may ask themselves the question: “Will this ring really please him for the next 50 years?” or “Should I go into debt to get a more expensive ring, as long as I can pay it off?”

These are good questions to consider, and it’s important to note that there are many beautiful, high-quality engagement rings that you can love for years to come that won’t cost you a fortune or lead you. to get into too much debt.

After all, financial strain can be tough on any wedding, especially a new marriage – so why put yourself under stress when you can buy an affordable engagement ring your other half is sure to love?

Diamond Rings In Canada


Don’t get overwhelmed by a jeweler telling you about size, color, clarity and carats. If you are trying to buy the best ring that your budget allows, your first priority will be the cut of the diamond. This is where most of the sparkle of a ring comes from. “Very good” cut diamonds are the most attractive to bargain hunters. They reflect almost as much light as an “ideal cut” diamond, but cost significantly less.


Jewelers love to put diamonds under a microscope to show you their flaws. But how important are these flaws if you can’t see them with the naked eye? Save a bundle of cash and buy an “eye-clean” diamond. This is the term used in the industry for a diamond that appears flawless to the naked eye. On the scale for degrees of purity, this is a diamond of grade VS1 or higher.


People tend to buy half carat or full carat rings. They’re not used to walking into a jewelry store and asking for a 0.95 carat or 0.47 carat ring, and it’s something you can use to your advantage. Buy a diamond a little smaller than the norm, and you can expect to save at least 15-20% off the price you usually pay. That’s a pretty big saving for such a small difference in size. Have a jeweler show you a 1 carat ring and a 0.95 carat ring, and you won’t even be able to tell the difference between the two.



Simulate the look of a large diamond by choosing a halo setting. It is a setting in which a set of small stones surround the central stone. It can make the center diamond appear up to half a carat larger. Use this trick to make a half carat diamond look like a one carat diamond, and you can save $ 2,400 or more.


Don’t focus on the cost of the diamond to the point of neglecting the cost of the setting. All that platinum or gold has a cost, too. To limit the weight of the metal, opt for a simple claw mount. It’s a look that’s as timeless as it is affordable.


Online jewelers have less running costs and therefore can afford to charge less. Spend some time visiting local jewelry stores to narrow down what you’re looking for. Then do your research online. Reputable companies like Blue Nile and James Allen offer a pressure-free sales environment and a money-back guarantee. For the greatest savings, avoid websites attached to a major store brand. Their online prices are unlikely to be any better than their in-store prices.


Want to get the best deal on an engagement ring? In this case, avoid making your request on Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Since these are the popular times to ask this question, the supply may be oversupplied, reducing the chances of finding a good deal. If you really want to do business, avoid the period from November to February. The summer months are your best chance. Since this is usually a period of quieter sales, you will find that the prices are much more negotiable.


Cutting Of Diamond

The method of cutting diamonds, which affects the quality and price of diamonds, is divided into 4 grades, excellent, very good, good, and less than good. It is intended to have exact sizes, the shape is completely round, and it is highly shiny. 

It means the percentage of impurities within the diamond, and the higher the value of the diamond, and vice versa, the highest degree of purity is FL while the lowest in terms of purity is I3.

Weight Of Diamond

Diamonds are measured in carats, which are equal to five grams, meaning that every 5 carats equals one gram, and there is no measure for the weight of a carat.

Color Of Diamond

Diamonds are by nature colorless, as they are transparent, through which light can pass and show the colors of the spectrum, and the highest degree is “D”, in which the lobe is completely colorless, and the lowest color is “Z” and it tends to yellow, and there are many degrees between them.


Tips when buying diamonds

Diamond pricing is done on a weekly basis, not daily like gold

And diamonds keep the value of gold and silver

Diamonds are not subject to any form of damage, and their maintenance cost is lower than other minerals.

When buying diamonds, it must be from a reliable place, with clear buying and selling standards.

Obtaining an invoice stating 4 items, weight, color, purity, and parts, and the invoice must be stamped.

Investing in diamonds is a long-term investment.

You must obtain a certificate specifying the discount percentage when selling diamonds.

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