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Best Note Taking Apps

In light of the increasing tasks and crowding of ideas, note-taking and idea-recording applications have become indispensable for smartphone users, whether iPhone or Android, and despite the availability of many note-taking applications integrated into operating systems or from smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and others, there are many applications The other indispensable for the user to try and choose the most appropriate among them.

Taking notes and ideas helps increase productivity, as well as speeds up the performance of tasks and tracking them, whether for work or study purposes, or even planning a task such as traveling on a trip, preparing for marriage, etc., or monitoring progress in acquiring a new habit, in addition to writing down information from the web or articles to return to later and others.

What are the best note-taking apps for iPhone and Android?

These are the best note-taking and idea-recording apps for smartphone users, whether iPhone or Android:

Microsoft OneNote for taking notes

The Microsoft OneNote application is considered one of the most comprehensive and best note-taking applications, which provides the user with a simulation of a notebook, where the user can organize notes into sections and pages.

with easy navigation between them and searching within them, in addition to support for taking notes with a digital pen, whether by drawing, selecting, writing, etc.

In addition to supporting the sharing of notes with others such as co-workers or students to collaborate on the development of ideas.

Microsoft OneNote for taking notes

The Microsoft OneNote application also allows users to:

Categorize notes into notebooks, sections, and pages for easy access.
Tag notes and tasks with hashtags to track task performance.

Drawing ideas and highlighting texts and drawings in notes, whether with a digital pen or directly with a finger.

Record voice notes, insert video clips from the Internet, and add files as well.
Use the OneNote Web Clipper to snip content directly from the web and add it to your notes.

Share notebooks with co-workers, friends and family.

Teachers can rely on the OneNote application to organize lessons in digital notebooks, with the ability to use the application to create a library and share it with students, in addition to encouraging students to write notes and draw diagrams directly within the application.

Download OneNote for iPhone

Download OneNote for Android

The Microsoft OneNote note-taking and idea recording app is available for free download (up to 5GB and beyond for $1.99 for 100GB), for various devices including iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, Mac and Windows 11 devices, in addition to being available directly from through the web.

Evernote for taking notes and ideas

Despite its declining popularity, it is difficult to be without a list of the best note-taking and idea-recording applications, as the Evernote application provides a comprehensive user experience that makes it one of the most powerful options available for dealing with notes, including the ability to take text or audio notes or handwritten pages.

Scanned, plus the ability to attach files in various formats including PDF, to Slack conversations, emails, websites, and more.

Evernote for taking notes and ideas

Evernote for taking notes and ideas

Evernote note-taking app also provides users with:

Easy to organize and classify notes.

Synchronize notes across different devices to access them from anywhere at any time via any user’s device.

An addition to browsers to cut and save web pages and files and take notes about them.

Search easily within notes including text within images and PDFs.

Integrated application for the web.

Integration with many other services such as Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others.

Download Evernote for Android
Download Evernote for iPhone

While the note-taking application is available for free for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices, the free plan is limited compared to paid plans that start at $8 per month and provides the user with 10 GB to store the notebooks and files they contain, in addition to syncing with an unlimited number of devices.

Apple Notes

Apple provides users of its devices, whether iOS or Mac macOS, with an application built into the system for taking and recording notes, and it is the Apple Notes application that provides iPhone, iPad and Mac users to take notes and classify them for easy access, with the ability to search within them easily, in addition to support for synchronizing notes across devices.

and browse them across the web through any browser, including on Windows devices, Chromebooks, and more.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes

The Apple Notes application allows users to take notes that include handwritten ideas and sketches, in addition to checklists, images, web links, or documents scanned by document imaging applications, etc.

with support for the Live Text feature that allows extracting texts within images and others, in addition to To support sharing feedback and inviting others to collaborate on editing it.

The Notes application is available from Apple for free, integrated into the company’s various devices and through the Apple App Store, with 5 GB free to take notes and use to sync files via iCloud service, and the user can obtain 50 GB storage space through paid iCloud plans.

Google Keep for taking notes and tasks

And if you are looking for a simple, secure application for recording notes and ideas and creating to-do lists, the Google Keep application, which is available for free for both Android and iPhone users.

provides this, as it allows the user to record notes in text or in lists, with the ability to classify them in colors and tags for easy access, in addition to The ability to add pictures, voice notes, and illustrations.

Google Keep for taking notes and tasks

Google Keep for notes and tasks

The Google Keep note-taking application also allows users to set reminders and reminders for the timing of performing various tasks, with the ability to save any web page, image or video directly with one click through the official extension of the application for the Chrome browser.

in addition to support for sharing tasks and notes with the work team and support for copying notes. to Google Docs with the click of a button.

The Google Keep note-taking and recording application is available for free download, for Android phones through the Google Play Store and for iPhone phones via the Apple App Store.

Notion: The most advanced notes app for collaboration

The Notion application offers more than what is expected of an application for taking notes and ideas, as it combines in addition to that many features of collaboration with the work team or classmates.

in addition to the possibility of relying on the application or service in managing tasks and projects and in creating reference guides.

Notion: The most advanced notes app for collaboration

The application calls each new document or note a page, which is the page that includes blocks for basic elements, such as text, lists, and titles, in addition to attaching multimedia such as images, links, video, audio, code snippets, files, and more, which makes it easy to create rich web pages for notes and collaborate with a team Work in editing them.

and the application or service is distinguished by providing a lot of ready-made templates, in addition to the ability to benefit from the forms provided by the application’s user community, in addition to the availability of the Notion Web Clipper tool to cut content from the web and add it directly to notes, which is the tool available for different browsers.

Download Notion

The advanced note-taking application Notion is available free of charge for personal use, and it is also available with paid plans for companies and commercial institutions, through the web and special applications for both iPhone (through the App Store) and Android (through the Google Play Store) and for Mac and Windows devices.

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