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Create A Site Like WikiHow

Most of us have come across wikiHow while looking for how to do something… We know that the word something can be generic but it is used correctly when we talk about wikiHow.

wikiHow explains everything about anything in a semi-literal sense. Are you thinking of investing in the stock market? Or how to play the bank of fortune game? Or even design your own car? All these topics and more have more than one guide on this site.

You may now think that creating a site like wikiHow may be expensive or impossible, but this is not true. In this article, we will explain to you the steps to create a site like wikiHow in an easy way, and list the ways that enable you to obtain huge profits through it.

Note: This is a website idea that will make you rich if you do it right.

Create A Site Like WikiHow
Create A Site Like WikiHow

What is wikiHow?

wikiHow is a site that belongs to the category of encyclopedia sites, the most famous of which is Wikipedia. wikiHow tries to provide a practical guide to solving any problem you encounter, even if it is an emotional one, by answering the question How do I do it, followed by the thing you want to do or get?

The strength of wikiHow and sites in its category is that they are user-contributed sites, in other words, the users of these sites themselves contribute to enriching their content on a regular basis.

A user who has experience in fixing a device in an easy way posts an article to help people with the same problem, another user who works as an economist writes an article dedicated to helping beginners in investing in stocks, and so on.

You can simply create an account on wikiHow and write an article about anything you want. The site contains a huge number of sections that specialize in almost all aspects of life. The sections of the site are organized in a way that provides a smooth experience for users.

Explaining the features of wikiHow may require a special article, and this is not the subject of our article. However, if you want to create a site like wikiHow, it is necessary to browse and study the site in detail to get inspiration for your site’s ideas and how it works, Create A Site Like WikiHow .

Directions for creating a site like wikiHow

There are two directions for creating a wikiHow site; The first direction is to build the site from scratch according to your own vision. You may like the layout and organization of wikiHow, but you have different ideas when it comes to making your own site similar to it.

The second trend is to rely on the mediawiki program on which wikiHow is built. This program is the basis for all encyclopedia sites such as wikipedia, and many sites that work in the same way.

The program is free and open source, and it is easy to use for beginners in the field of creating websites. The program’s website contains a detailed explanation of how to use it, install it, and obtain its add-ons.

Whether you want to rely on this program or design your own website step by step, there are several fixed steps that you will need to take. These steps are divided into technical steps for creating the site itself, and steps related to managing and organizing the content that you will publish on it.

The steps to create a site such as wikiHow to be a complete encyclopedia of everything will not differ much from creating it to be an encyclopedia specialized in one field only. What will differ only are the steps related to adding content and its comprehensiveness.

Create A Site Like WikiHow
Create A Site Like WikiHow

First the technical steps to Create A Site Like WikiHow

Choose the platform on which you will create your website

There are a large number of sites and platforms through which you can create your site and in general they are all excellently suited for this purpose, however we see that WordPress is the best platform for creating a site like wikiHow.

Our opinion on the suitability of the WordPress platform for creating a site like wikiHow does not come from a vacuum. WordPress provides you with high flexibility in controlling the look of your site in terms of choosing a template and the number of plugins that you can install on your site.

Of course, you can create your own site without having to rely on any platform, but this is not the best option. Relying on a platform such as WordPress will save you a lot of time and effort that you can invest in caring for the content of the site.

Choose a website name

The name of the site indicates its content. This is a general rule that most website owners know. Of course, there are exceptions that occur in special cases, but this is not the case with the website today.

As the owner of a site like wikiHow, you would like your visitor to know that he is visiting a huge encyclopedia, whatever its specialization.

Note that wiki means a large site that is designed and managed by a group of users. In other words, your use of this word in the title depends on how similar your site is to the meaning of this word, whether in terms of the comprehensiveness of the content or the way the site works.

It is always preferable that the name of the site be short, so unlike the word wiki, you will need to add the word that indicates the content of your site, for example if you want to create a technical encyclopedia, you can choose wiki tech or wiki finance if it is an economic encyclopedia and so on.

Of course, adhering to word order is up to you. Adding a wiki before or after the word that expresses your specialty won’t make much difference. It’s up to the site’s name to fall on your ear and its ease of pronunciation for your targeted visitors.

Finally, the content of your site will control a lot in its name. wikiHow is called by this name because it is considered a huge encyclopedia that aims to teach how to do or make anything, so what is the goal of your site? Is it publishing information or designing things in a field or something else?

Important note: You are free to name your site or add the word wiki or not. The previous part is just a suggestion from us based on the nature of the site itself, and in fact you will find many famous sites whose name does not reflect their content, and their name has no meaning in the first place, such as Google, Create A Site Like WikiHow.

Choose a domain extension

The domain extension is a set of letters that follow the name of the site and expresses the form of the group responsible for managing it, without going into domain-specific details. The best domain extension that most sites seek to obtain is com.

Although it is difficult to obtain this extension in famous words, it is optimal for sites. Of course, you can rely on other extensions for your site such as org or others, but this is not recommended because each extension represents a different management of the site, and therefore the best is to choose com , Create A Site Like WikiHow.

Choosing a hosting

Choosing hosting is an essential step in the process of creating any website. Hosting is the storage space on which all your website files will be stored.

Do not worry, managing this space and transferring your site to it is an easy process and most hosting companies explain it clearly, however, reading our article explaining hosting or webhosting will help you greatly to understand and deal with it easily.

There are a large number of companies that provide hosting services, the most important of which are:



Bluehost and Hostgator provide excellent hosting services, and the difference between them for you will often be the price. However, there are several factors that we recommend that you consider when choosing the right hosting for you, which we mentioned in our article on this process.

If you want a special nomination from us, we advise you to use Bluehost hosting, as it is excellent hosting at excellent prices, has good support service, and in terms of efficiency, it outperforms most competitors, and it will give you a free domain name when you register with it.

Choose a suitable WordPress theme for your site

The website template plays an important role in attracting visitors to browse it and introducing them to its content. The template relies on visual attractions such as colors and design in order to clarify the content of the site for visitors in a way that makes them know the specialty of this site without having to browse its topics.

Of course, the process of choosing the appropriate template depends on the content and purpose of the site, and therefore there is no WordPress template suitable for any site. In the case of creating a site such as wikiHow, you need to suggest to the visitor that he is visiting a huge site that is a giant encyclopedia in a field.

There are a large number of WordPress templates that will help you create this impression, to help you we recommend one of the following templates:

Docy template

KnowHow template

Lore template

KnowX template

The prices of the first three templates in the previous list range from $ 39 to $ 79, but if your budget does not allow you to pay this amount, you can use the free KnowX template.

Of course, you can choose templates from outside the previous list and customize them to suit your site.

Choosing the right WordPress plugins

The plugins that website owners install fall into two categories:
a) Useful additions to websites in general

Within this category, we recommend several important additions to your site, such as:

Yoast SEO (the most powerful search engine optimization plugin).

W3 Total Cache: (a plugin that helps increase your site’s loading speed for visitors).

Akismet Spam Protection: (The extension protects you from comments that may contain malicious links).

b) Additions related to the content of the site itself

This type of add-on is directly related to the content of the site itself. For example, if you intend to create a site like wikiHow that specializes in the technical field, you will have to search for the best plugins that fit it.

Do not worry, you will discover the appropriate additions to your site with the passage of time and after adding its content and defining its specialization. You can also search on international forums such as Quora and Reddit for the additions that owners of similar sites use to improve the performance of their sites.

Second, content-related steps to create a site like wikiHow

Content Creation

Creating any site content that is highly related to its niche, and creating a site such as wikiHow is no exception to this rule, however there are several points to consider before you start creating your site’s content.
a) The specialization of the site and the extent to which visitors rely on it

When you specialize in a vital field such as the medical or economic field, you must consider the reliance of visitors on your site’s content information.

For example, in the previous areas, wrong or short information may lead to disastrous results. If you add inaccurate medical information to your site, this may cause damage to your visitors. The least of these damages may be psychological, such as feeling anxious and afraid.

Out-of-date economic information may lead to material losses for people who rely on it to invest their savings.

These notes are not intended to scare you from adding content to the site, on the contrary. Rather, their goal is to clarify the importance of your site to your visitors and the extent of their dependence on it, which would prompt you to create distinctive and accurate content that can be relied upon with great confidence.

Also, there are messages and methods that you can use to help your visitors not rush behind the content of your site without thinking. Also, be sure to select the sources of your content and document the information mentioned in it in more than one form and method.

For example, medical encyclopedia sites advise their visitors not to rely on their information without consulting a doctor, and economic consulting and information sites rely on highly efficient global tools to show numbers and economic indicators, and so on.
b) Familiarity with your site’s content niche

If your goal is to create a site like wikiHow that can be classified as a complete encyclopedia in a field. How familiar are you in this field? Of course, it would be great if the field of your site matches your field of study, but even if it is otherwise, this is not a big problem.

You can treat the process of creating a site such as wikiHow as an investment project and any project that requires human resources to manage and operate it. You can hire a specialist to review or even write the content of your site, and you manage and organize the site yourself.

Of course, it will be useful to have a little knowledge about your site’s domain to guide you in the direction of its content.

Content review

The content of giant sites such as wikipedia and wikiHow are relied upon by millions of people around the world. This reliance stems from their confidence in the content of these sites.

Confidence in content is the main source of its quality, and quality is related to many criteria, the most important of which is auditing and review. So be sure to review the content that you add to your site periodically. This review should include the following aspects:

Linguistic and grammatical review.

Review information and facts.

Content review may require a lot of effort and time, so it is better to assign it to a specific person or create a whole team to do it.

Keyword research

It is true that you would like to create an encyclopedia in a field, and this means adding huge content, but this should not be done randomly, but rather it should be organized. Creating a medical encyclopedia is excellent, but what are the trending topics in this field at the moment?

Keywords will help you build content that is compatible with the topics that your target audience is searching for at the present time.

This is evident in attracting visitors to your site, and shows its great impact on maximizing your site’s profits from ads and other profit methods.

Any professional website owner who relies on keywords to create the content of his site, in the case of wikiHow, the role of keywords is greatly exaggerated due to the value of its content.

Tips for successfully creating a site like wikiHow

Create a team

Managing a huge site like wikiHow takes a lot of time and effort, and this may seem like an impossible task for one person. Whether you aim to create a site that specializes in one field or several fields, you will face a large number of tasks.

Most of the tasks of a site like wikiHow will not be complicated, but some of them may be repetitive. However, you may face other tasks that require a high amount of focus, and therefore it is better to have a work team that you can rely on.

The work team will help you in more than one way, so you can rely on it to perform repetitive tasks, or about which you do not have sufficient information, such as reviewing content that you do not have sufficient knowledge about, or even taking care of site maintenance.

Start by forming a team of your relatives or friends who are interested in this idea. Later, you can develop this team and turn it into a professional team that suits the growth rate of your site.

Marketing is indispensable

Alright, you’re done creating your site! What is the logical next step? Attracting visitors to it, of course, this will not happen magically, but you must do several things to attract visitors to your site, all of these things fall under the process of marketing it in one way or another.

Market your site through the following methods:

Email marketing.

Advertise your site through ad networks.

Posting on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Advertising on social media.

Advertising on search engines.

Each of the previous methods has an impact on advertising your site and attracting visitors to it.

Also, each method will require you to take certain steps to complete them, most of which are necessary steps to publicize any site.

Email marketing will require having a list of addresses that you may not be able to obtain at the beginning of the site’s work.

However, this method cannot be neglected.

You can postpone it until the formation of your mailing list.

Advertising on ad networks is one of the most important ways that you can use to attract visitors to your site.

These networks provide powerful tools that help you reach your target audience easily.

Also, these networks help you reach certain segments of visitors that other means cannot reach.

If you have not run advertising campaigns before, we advise you to review our tips for running a successful advertising campaign on the Internet.

Is there a large site that does not have pages on social networking sites? I think you know the answer to this question.

Creating a page for your site on a platform such as Facebook, for example, will benefit you in more than one way.

Facebook visitors, for example, are considered the best types of visitors that any website owner seeks to obtain.

Also, being on Instagram and Twitter is useful for advertising your site, and so on.

Presence on social media platforms is considered one of the most successful methods of website marketing.

Here we are only talking about presence and natural interaction, which contributes greatly to the spread of your site and increase its visitors.

Paid ads on these platforms are also reliable ways to attract more visitors to websites.

Advertising on these platforms is superior to natural interaction on them in terms of being able to reach more users in less time.

Finally, advertising on search engines is one of the best ways to get targeted visitors to your site.

This method is relied upon by the largest global websites and online stores to attract visitors and occupy the first positions in search engine results for long periods.

Advertising on search engines is cheap if you use it for a short time or from time to time, you can use this method to promote your exclusive content, or when you organize certain events or events on your site.

Being on YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way to market websites. For marketing a website like wikiHow, creating visual content or videos may be the best way to present a particular type of idea.

Do not forget that wikiHow contains a huge library of videos that replace written content in some areas. Of course, the use of visual content depends on the specialization of your site, however, you can create videos on topics related to this specialization.

Also, the presence on YouTube can be done through regular or short videos, or even by publishing pictures on it.

Choosing the appropriate form of presence on YouTube depends on the specialization of your site and your way of thinking.

Any method you choose to be present on this platform will help you publicize your site in general and attract new visitors to it.

Care about your site’s ranking in search engine results

Search engines are the best sources of visitors to websites. The appearance of your site in an advanced ranking when a visitor searches for a topic on your site contributes greatly to increasing the number of visitors to your site.

Improving your site’s ranking on search engines requires some study and following some methods for this field. Fortunately, we have a guide for improving your site’s ranking on search engines that will help you understand the depths of this field and improve your site’s ranking easily.

Start with the lowest potential and then develop later

The shape of any site at its inception is very different from its shape after a period of time has passed, and we do not mean here the shape in terms of design only! Website owners always dream of creating their sites in a certain way, but this form may not come to light at the beginning of launching these sites.

Circumstances that may prevent webmasters from creating websites the way they imagined them are different.

Factors such as lack of experience in creating websites or commitment to limited financial resources may force novice webmasters to start their websites differently from the way they have in mind.

We know that creating a site the size of wikiHow may require huge resources and a lot of time, but you should not let this discourage you.

You can create this site with the minimum capabilities available to you, provided that you draw a short-term and long-term plan for its development.

Keep the final look of your site in mind while creating these plans. Use these plans as simple transition steps in terms of time and effort so that you can implement them on time and in the best possible way.
Ways to profit from a site like wikiHow


Ads are the most important and easiest way to profit from websites, which generate profits of thousands of dollars per month for their owners.

You can also make huge profits if you add ads to your site.

In my opinion, ad revenue from wikiHow-like sites outperforms ad revenue from regular content sites if added smartly.

Think of it this way, a visitor to encyclopedia sites looking for important information and rarely visits these sites for the purpose of entertainment, for example if he is looking for the specifications of the best medical chair and finds an advertisement for this product at the end of the article, he is likely to interact with it.

The companies that you can add ads to your site are huge, however we recommend adding Google Adsense ads.

Google Adsense gives you great freedom and flexibility in controlling the ads that appear on your site.

Also, Google Adsense ads will not cause you problems with your site’s ranking on search engines, as is the case with some advertising companies.

Do not worry about fulfilling the requirements for acceptance into the Google Ads program (Adsense), as the conditions are not that difficult.

You can also use our article, which will help you to be accepted into Adsense easily.

Affiliate marketing

Website profits from affiliate marketing sometimes reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Commission marketing is the second most popular method that website owners rely on to achieve a financial return from their sites.

Large encyclopedia sites such as wikiHow are distinguished by their professional content, which attracts a distinguished segment of visitors who may be looking for information on specific products or willing to purchase them.

As a website owner, you can profit from commission marketing by:

Subscribe to an affiliate marketing network.

Commission marketing for individual products and companies.

The mechanism of action of both of the previous methods is considered the same, and it is represented in adding the product link within the content of your site.

Of course, the best implementation of this method is by adding product links in appropriate content that urges the visitor to purchase the product.

Sell your own products

Profit from selling products is a method used by most major sites, but wikiHow follows it mainly in particular.

Use the domain of your site to determine the products that you can manufacture yourself and sell through your site directly, or through a page for your site on a major online store such as Amazon.

Do not worry about the word “manufacturing” because it is not as difficult as some people imagine.

The products that you may sell do not have to be complicated products, as they may be accessories, clothes, or even cups, and all of them are easy to manufacture locally and print your logo on them.

Even products that require manufacturing in private factories do not represent a major obstacle to making profits from this method.

You can communicate with small factories to manufacture them, which is what the owners of similar sites do.

Create A Site Like WikiHow


Through this article, we tried to help you know the steps to create a site like wikiHow and ways to profit from it.

Share with us in the comments the details of your site based on the idea of wikiHow.

Will it be a general or specialized encyclopedia?