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A Lion Getting a Foot Massage

alex larenty
alex larenty

No, this is not a hunting photo…..Briton Alex Larenty lives on a game reserve in South Africa and spends his days giving lions foot massages. One day, he discovered that every time a lion was applied a cream to cure an infection on its paws, the lion would slacken and appear to smile. Since then, he has massaged all the lions in the park on a daily basis. Thanks to the pampering, he created a bond such that just by seeing him arrive, the lions lie down, begin to stretch their legs and smile. With love and respect, all relationships are possible!

alex larenty

british alex larenty

alex larenty
alex larenty

The photographs were authentic, unedited, and did indeed show Larenty giving a lion a foot massage. As such, we are issuing a rating of “True.”

Trainer Alex Larenty gives Jamu the Lion a foot massage at the Lion Park on May 31, 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Casting a spectacular image, Jamu the nine-year-old male lion enjoys his favourite game ‘This Little Piggy’ with fearless handler, Brit Alex Larenty, 50, from Chipping Norton.

Caught on camera in sunny South Africa last week, 250kg [551 lbs] Jamu looks like the cat who got the cream as he casually lies back and lets his keeper massage his gigantic paw. Alex, who emigrated to South Africa, is able to get incredibly close to the big cats he works with at The Lion Park near Johannesburg, through complete mutual trust. Having reared many from birth, he is able safely to walk into the middle of colossal Jamu’s pride and play games while surrounded by huge numbers of the massive predators.

While a stranger trying the same thing would end up as lunch for the animals, Alex uses his unique relationship to get close to the big cats he loves. He said: “I built up a relationship with Jamu through putting insect repellent onto him, which is necessary here to keep our animals protected from things like parasites. He eventually realised he liked being scratched and tickled and now his favourite game is ‘This Little Piggy’. He loves it’.

alex larenty

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the two developed a strong friendship that they even walk, play wrestling and swim together at the Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana, and Valentin Gruner said: “I think Serga considers me the best friend, she loves to hug me a lot, she rubs her head On my head a lot, just like a house cat.”

“Serga has never been aggressive towards me but I have great respect for her strength, I am sure she understands that I am very different,” he emphasized. The nine-year-old African Queen of the Jungle was born after her parents were captured and taken to a rehabilitation camp, but Serga’s mother I stopped feeding her and faced certain death without Valentine’s help.

Valentin co-founded the Modessa Wildlife Project with the goal of preserving spaces for the benefit of wildlife and local people, and provides accommodations for guests from all over the world to come and experience the amazing African bush.

Characteristics of a Leo man

You will notice the Leo man as soon as he enters any place, as he usually has a majestic entrance and a remarkable greeting that is difficult to overlook. Leos are full of enthusiasm, feel the warmth of those around them, and always have an aura of strength with them. He also has a special attraction that is different from any other man. The Leo man is known for his leadership nature, and he knows very well how to deal with others. He is also ambitious, open-minded and has a high level of self-confidence. He also has a high level of energy and enthusiasm. He is also generous, loyal, and true to his word. Sometimes he seems stubborn and opinionated, especially when it comes to the things he thinks he knows best.

Once a Leo man makes a decision, he insists on it and sticks to it until the end. And if you try to change his way of thinking, he turns into a defensive and aggressive person. He may seem nervous but deep down he is a very affectionate person. The Leo man is not shy and is ready to try everything new and different, and always loves to be the center of attention. Leo is also known to be somewhat dramatic.

Leo date:

July 23rd – August 22nd
Leo man planet:

Zodiac signs compatible with Leo:

Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius
Zodiac signs that are not compatible with Leo:

Gemini, Pisces, Capricorn
Characteristics of a Leo man:

1- The Leo man is one of the most affectionate personalities of the zodiac. He is characterized by a kind personality that seeks to protect and help the people close to him.

2- The Leo man is very generous and generous and will not hesitate for a moment to lend money to others if asked.

3- The Leo man is characterized as a responsible and responsible personality that you can rely on in many life and practical matters, as his leadership personality increases his sense of responsibility towards others.

4- The Leo man has the courage to manage crises, and you will find him taking the initiative to solve family problems.

5- The Leo man loves to take on challenges and go through bold experiments, and is characterized by a high degree of innovation in his work.

6- The Leo man is an optimistic person. He has a positive view of things and hates frustration and despair.

Disadvantages of a Leo man:

1- The Leo man is dramatic and exaggerates his feelings, whether in joy, love, hate, enthusiasm or anger, and he may turn into an exaggerated personality when he is tested in situations.

2- The Leo man’s feeling of intense responsibility towards others turns him into a bossy and controlling person, especially with those around him such as parents, children, wife or friends.

3- The Leo man tends to possess the people close to him! They will enjoy protection, prevention, and love, but in return they may face some difficulties related to the love of control and possession.

Is the astrological sign compatible with each mother’s children? Find out the answer with us.

4- One of the most famous faults of the Leo man is that he likes to be the focus of everyone’s attention and gets angry if otherwise happens.

5- The Leo man does not accept criticism easily, and he may have a bad reaction because of that.

6- It is not easy for anyone to convince a Leo man of his opinion or to try to change his point of view, as he is always fanatical and stubborn.

Leo man in love and relationships:

The Leo man is looking for a life partner who can share his adventures and journey in life. When he is in an emotional relationship, he becomes a loyal and loving person and tries to protect the one he loves. The Leo man needs someone who is as strong, self-confident, and tender as they are, someone who can leave a special mark in the relationship. The Leo man is also romantic, self-confident, sexy and attractive, which makes him a charming and irresistible man. He is not afraid to express his feelings openly and openly. The Leo man loves to try everything new, and his life partner must be as adventurous as he is. He forgives quickly, and if his dignity is hurt, he will forget about it as soon as you apologize to him.

The Leo man loves his partner to treat him as if he is the king, so if you want to make him love you, you must enhance this feeling inside him and give him a great deal of attention. Show him your admiration and respect for him. The lion loves to be the center of attention in any gathering, so prepare for the appearance of many admirers and admirers in his life, so it will not be an easy task for you to steal his heart. Arouse his attention with surprises that make him feel special, make him feel that you need his attention. Plan exciting and unconventional adventures. Enjoy a high degree of elegance and femininity that will always make him feel that he has won the best!

Leo man in marriage

When it comes to marriage, the Leo man loves to settle down in a comfortable home with a female partner who understands and loves him. Moreover, romance for a Leo man tends to be dramatic and spectacular. He wants his partner to match him in generosity, warmth, and confidence. He is a natural romantic who loves fun in his life.

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