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Mr. Smith, was enjoying a beautiful day with his dog when his “electric wheelchair lost traction, leading him to slide down the bank and tumble off his wheelchair into the lake,” according to a Facebook post from the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Mr. Smith, unable to swim, was understandably terrified and began yelling for aid as his wheelchair sank deeper and deeper into the lake.

While it’s unknown if anyone would have heard Mr. Smith on his own, his dog instantly realised something was wrong and began barking for assistance as well.

Fortunately, some nearby spectators heard Sarah Jane’s barking and came over to check what was going on.

When they noticed Mr. Smith in the lake, they immediately summoned an officer and worked to bring him out of the water.

According to the agency, when the officer arrived at the lake, he “saw Mr. Smith was immersed up to his neck in water.”

They were able to retrieve Mr. Smith and his wheelchair from the lake and get him to safety thanks to three of them working together, and it’s all thanks to Sarah Jane.

While Mr. Smith was physically unharmed as a result of the incident, his motorised wheelchair was destroyed by the water.

Electric wheelchairs can significantly improve a person’s quality of life and provide a sense of freedom to those who struggle with movement.
They are, however, not cheap, starting at $1,500 and going up to $15,000.

However, it appears that the community pulled together after the police department posted the message, since they issued an update stating that Mr. Smith had been given a new electric wheelchair by Medical Homecare Supplies!

It wasn’t simply Mr. Smith who received a generous present.

Dogs With Style Mobile Grooming provided Sarah Jane with a special spa day.

She’s a true hero, and it’s good to see how well she’s being treated.
Dogs are truly man’s best buddy.

The hiker and his heroic dog were eventually rescued and taken to a neighbouring hospital by helicopter.

The hiker underwent an emergency procedure at the hospital.
The dog was not wounded as a result of the incident.

Following Sunday’s rescue, the Brki family provided an update on Grga and North, reassuring everyone that they were doing well.

“North is back, saying hello and relaxing,” Antonija Sjau Brki wrote.
“Grga will be just fine.
We’re at a loss for words…
Thank you very much!!!”

According to the rescuers, the dog’s bravery and compassion are lessons that we can all learn from.
“Man and dog friendship and love know no bounds,” rescuers posted on Sunday.

Dog Rescued 79-Year-Old Owner After His Wheelchair Rolled Into A Lakelet

According to local media, a dog saved a hiker injured in the Croatian highlands by sleeping on top of him for 13 hours until they were rescued.

North, the dog, kept Grga Brkic warm after he fell while trekking and was unable to walk.
When the other two hikers with him were unable to reach them, they called 911.

The eight-month-old Alaskan Malamute was hailed by first responders with helping to keep Brkic safe.

The tragedy occurred during a weekend hike in the Velebit mountain range along the country’s Adriatic coast.

“Friendship and love between man and dog have no bounds,” Croatia’s mountain rescue agency wrote on Facebook, beside a photo of the dog lying on top.

Tinsley, a Shiloh Shepherd, is a Shiloh Shepherd who truly is man’s best friend.

She led police in New Hampshire to her owner, who was injured in a car accident and required medical attention.

Tinsley continued running along Interstate 89 after New Hampshire State Police were called about a loose dog on Monday.

According to state police, the officers were led directly to a wrecked pickup truck, where they discovered the driver and passenger had been “ejected from the vehicle and were hypothermic and critically injured.”

Lt. Dan Baldassarre told CNN, “It was almost like a real-life Lassie situation.”

“It’s truly extraordinary.

This dog unquestionably saved their lives.

Given the temperatures, I doubt they would have lasted the night.”

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