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One of the most important attributes of successful brands is their ability to appeal to all five senses of the consumer

The brand is one of the most important elements of establishing any startup. It introduces your company to potential consumers and makes previous customers loyal to you. The brand distinguishes you from every other company that has the same product or provides the same service.

The “Entrepreneur” website published a report by writer Pete Lancarg, in which he emphasized that the brand establishes a relationship of trust with consumers, enables the company to gain customer loyalty and enhance its good reputation, attracts consumer attention, highlights products, and indicates consistent product quality.

The writer pointed out that one of the most important features of successful brands is their ability to attract all five senses of the consumer if a successful strategy is applied in building them.


The writer explained that among all the senses, sight gets the most attention. For example, the golden colors of McDonald’s are enough for you to know the location of the store and have become the most important feature that distinguishes it, as well as the green silhouette of the mermaid that is distinctive for Starbucks, as these symbols have become indelible from our memory.

And the writer stated that the colors set the pace of the environment for the brand. The presence of yellow everywhere in the McDonald’s trademark gives the concepts of sunlight, warmth and joy, which makes you think of childhood and smiling faces, and the green color in the Starbucks logo indicates strong health and unity with nature.

The sense of smell represents the “emotional sense” of a person, as it opens a unique path to his brain, specifically memory


The writer mentioned that the sense of smell represents the “emotional sense” of a person, as it opens a unique path to his brain, specifically memory.

The Sound

According to the author, sound in branding is often seen as music, but sound has another impact on the quality of what you offer.

The writer gave examples in restaurants, so if you can’t understand what your dinner companions are saying because of the loud echo, you probably shouldn’t bring them back to the same restaurant. And it’s all about striking the right balance of sound depending on the type of environment you’re looking to create.

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The writer pointed out that the sense of touch is often overlooked, which can have a strong impact on a brand’s experience, starting with the feeling of comfort in temperature and targeting the relaxing feeling of just touching a product. The use of the sense of touch appears strongly in the sale of home furnishings.

Free samples drive customers to buy


The writer pointed out that it is recognized that tasting is the meaning that is often limited to food service, where comes the importance of free samples that prompt customers to buy, so as soon as you get the opportunity to put something that tastes good in the customer’s mouth, make sure you buy it for him in shortest time.

Once you understand the above elements and their impact on your brand, it’s time to start building your brand’s visual guide. In a report published by Brafton, writer Jessica Parker identified the most important elements that you should take care of.

Your color scheme: It is best for your company’s commercial logo to have colors consistent with the quality of the product.

Your own fonts: Choose a primary font and a secondary one. It is best to avoid having more than two types of lines on one piece of media.

Your Logo: You should have a color, black and white version of your logo. The brand must be a strong badge that can be visible without the brand name underneath. The best example of this is the “Nike” company logo. Even without the word Nike under the logo, you automatically know what the brand is.

Your own website: Once you’ve figured out all of your branding details, it’s time to incorporate them all into your website. Everything from copy to color scheme to layout needs to work together to convey your brand. It should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and maintain the level of professionalism you want to show your audience.

Your own social media pages: Your social media should reflect the same style as your website, it should all stay under the same style umbrella, and each platform should have unique content so that the audience does not feel it is necessary to follow multiple pages of the same entity.

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