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Staking Tokens

In 2021, DeFI increased by roughly 1000 percent, with over 200 billion dollars in total value locked up, with staking tokens being one of the most lucrative methods to generate passive income and enjoy returns on investment.

Simply put, a staking token is like to having an interest-bearing savings account with a regular bank, except that staking payouts typically vary from 5 to 30%, with some crypto platforms paying over 100%.

Staking is understandably popular during down markets, when crypto investors would rather keep their money rather than sell at a loss and reap significant returns.
We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the finest tokens to invest in in 2022.

Terra aka LUNA

The Terra aka LUNA stable coin network, also known as LUNA, attained an all-time high of $20.05 billion in total value locked (TVL) across its 13 product offerings, according to industry data. Terra’s TVL was $11.9 billion on December 1, representing a 68 percent growth in less than a month. This means that platform users are putting a lot of money into the network in order to get staking benefits.

The price of LUNA, Terra’s native token, is likewise rapidly rising, presently trading around $90, up more than 12,000 percent from its January 2021 low of $0.7. The coin presently has a market valuation of $34.8 billion, making it one of the top ten cryptocurrency ventures.The yearly staking yield of LUNA is approximately 12.10 percent, which is a considerable return that makes it one of the greatest cryptocurrencies to invest in.

JEDSTAR also known as $JED

JEDSTAR is a ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of initiatives, but they’re already making ripples in the crypto world with their novel approach to some of the industry’s difficulties. To mention a few, royalty for NFT authors, mining via a mobile app to allow lower-income populations to generate money, and anti-‘pump-and-dump’ procedures. But it’s $KRED, their ‘Currency as a Service,’ that stands out. This will be the first project-independent cryptocurrency that will provide a ‘plug-and-play’ option for game developers to turn their game into a true GameFi game without having to manage their own cryptocurrency – and will provide access to a universal currency.

The coin began trading at $0.0001 and reached an all-time high of $1.13 in November, before settling at a reasonable entry level of $0.39.

On the staking front, JEDSTAR allows users to stake their utility token $JED in exchange for $KRED incentives on their STARSTAKING platform, which can be found at The benefits start at 5x (500%) for 30 days and go all the way up to 120x (120,000%) every year!

PancakeSwap, as we know it: $CAKE

PancakeSwap is a popular and entertaining staking tool that allows users to stake any CAKE currencies they earn. You can choose to earn more CAKE or other sorts of coins by staking your CAKE coins.

Compared to other platforms such as Ethereum, transaction costs on the Binance Smart Chain are substantially less expensive. You can either claim your rewards or reinvest them into PancakeSwap once you’ve earned them. The CAKE coin’s annual returns range from 31 to 42 percent, making it one of the greatest crypto staking coins / staking tokens available.

Shiba Inu / $SHIB

The SHIB token was created to outperform Dogecoin’s growth while remaining under $0.01. Many investors regard SHIB as an asset to acquire and hold as part of their cryptocurrency portfolio. Because holders can now stake/bury and farm/dig their tokens, the ShibaSwap exchange gives SHIB a far greater utility. Shiba Inu is unique in that, while it operates on Ethereum (now PoW), the original quantity of SHIB was minted at the time of launch, therefore the token cannot be mined.

SHIB holders can stake (bury) their Shiba coins on the ShibaSwap exchange, representing their original SHIB holdings, and staking incentives include BONE tokens and 0.03 percent of the exchange’s ETH swap transaction costs.

Solana / SOL

Solana is a scalable blockchain that was created with efficiency in mind. Solana’s scalability is made possible by its low costs and rapid transactions. Solana is ranked #7 in terms of crypto market capitalization. Because of the quickness of transactions and the cheap cost of completing them, SOL is one of the greatest staking tokens / staking coins. The majority of transactions are completed in a matter of seconds. While staking tokens on the Solana network does not let you to control your own node, there are over 640 validators with whom you can stake your tokens / coins.

When you delegate your stake to Solana validators, you’ll be able to share in the rewards that these people get. Over the last few months, SOL coins have fared exceptionally well, reaching an all-time high of $210 per coin. You can expect annual earnings ranging from 7–11 percent if you stake your coins with Solana.

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