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Hotel of Future

Hospitality company Liz Lambert, emerging 3D construction company Icon and Danish design firm BIG have united to present the world’s first 3D printed hotel.

The hotel will open in Marfa, Texas, during this year 2023, according to a blog on the BIG’s website.

Danish architectural design firm BIG is behind the iconic architectural wonders of VM Houses and Mountain Dwellings, two apartment complexes based in Copenhagen.

Lambert is the founder of El Cosmico, a camping site located in Marfa, one of the most popular resorts visited by travelers around the world, near which the new 3D-printed hotel will be built.

The area of “Cosmeco” is 8.5 thousand square meters. But very soon, the 3D-printed expansion will nearly triple that area, turning it into a sprawling 25,000-square-meter desert oasis with all the essentials for summer.

The project includes various housing and a huge swimming pool.

Icon is one of the leading construction companies in the use of 3D printing technologies in construction.

It has special printing equipment and manufactures special building materials for this equipment.

ICON’s signature creation system is based on the Vulcan printer complemented by the portable Magma mixing unit, which produces the building material Lavacrete, a material developed by the technology company’s materials science team and undergone Extensively tested to ensure durability and strength.

Hotel of Future

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