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lose weight faster, THE problem of obesity worries many women, as it has negative effects on the health of many of them, and when your body is exposed to obesity, you must take the matter seriously and think of a radical solution to it, and when you decide to work on reducing your weight, follow a healthy diet for your life from food to exercise How To Lose Weight Faster?

lose weight faster

It is important to say that the problem of obesity is a problem that society suffers from and it is increasing every year from the next, and we find that the World Health Organization indicated in recent reports and studies that obesity is the epidemic of the twenty-first century, and that the numbers are increasing tremendously and for all members of society, whether children or youth Or the elderly, and that about a billion people have this crisis of obesity and excessive weight gain How To Lose Weight Faster?

What is weight gain and its causes?

Weight gain means an increase in body fat percentage at a higher rate than normal, as the body contains fat and at the same time it also needs fat to provide it with energy. Sport leads to this, in addition to neglecting healthy, balanced eating in front of fast food, which increases weight dramatically and leads to the emergence of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. And reports indicate that overweight and obesity suffer from women more than men, so we find an average percentage of fat in women’s bodies (20 to 25%), while for men we find an average (12 to 15%).

We now refer to several factors that are a major cause of weight gain, and there are some points that can be avoided that lead to weight loss, and here we must emphasize that the ideal weight and proper diet must be followed by both men and women alike in order to have good health.

lose weight faster
lose weight faster

What are the factors that lead to weight gain in women?

To answer this question, we will explain the factors as follows:

Few hours of sleep and few rest times
Studies indicate that a body that enjoys a number of continuous and comfortable sleep hours and gets some rest is balanced and performs its functions better. On the contrary, tired bodies affected by insomnia and lack of sleep and rest accumulate fat in them clearly and lead to weight gain, as their body stores fat at a high level, so they must sleep Women a minimum of eight hours to work well and not be overweight.

Taking these pills, according to recent studies, leads to weight gain when used as a means to regulate pregnancy for a long time and continuously. Therefore, any woman who intends to take these pills for birth control should go to the doctor to consult the best ways that do not lead to rapid and bad weight gain.

Stress, anxiety and depression are causes of weight gain

The mental health of women is one of the reasons that lead to obesity, especially if they suffer from these combined reasons, where each reason complements the other negatively. Anxiety and stress make women’s health deteriorate rapidly, which leads to inactivity in the metabolism process, and we find the body itself secreting substances such as cortisone that cause weight gain, as well. Medications for depression are clearly one of the causes of obesity, as we find that the weight has been exposed to an increase of about 5 to 15 kilograms.

Eating irregularly

Neglecting some meals a day is one of the causes of obesity, because not eating meals regularly leads to a disturbance in the balanced diet of the body, and there are recent studies that prove that neglecting one meal, such as breakfast in the early morning, causes a state of acute hunger when eating lunch.

Unbalanced diet

Fast food and a lot of harmful fats, sugars and other harmful foods that lead to weight gain and consumption of high calories must be replaced by a diet based on vegetables and fruits, reduces obesity and makes the body functions work actively.

Some diseases cause obesity

When thyroid hormone is deficient, the metabolism becomes less and we find weight gain accompanied by loss of appetite.


When this menopause occurs, whether due to taking a certain medication or a medical condition at a young age or during menopause, we find hormonal and physical changes that occur for women. Fat increases, especially in the abdominal area, and weight becomes more, so at this stage women must exercise to reduce their weight, in addition to eating a healthy diet, minerals and vitamins that compensate for the loss of the body and types of food that modify their psychological mood.

lose weight faster
lose weight faster

What are the most important foods that help lose weight?

Losing weight means slimming and getting rid of the calories that increase due to food in the body, that is, it is possible to conclude with the result that food may be the cause of weight gain, but this is an incomplete fact.

The amounts of food as well as the nutrients it contains are what cause weight gain, but at the same time, the calories resulting from this food are the word price, and these calories occur due to the increase in various nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and other elements.

What are the foods that increase the process of slimming and get rid of excess weight? This is what we learn in the following points in light of the studies that I talked about:

The settlement and manufacture of various baked goods from oatmeal helps to lose weight, because oatmeal works to get rid of calories, according to the numerous studies that have confirmed this. Because when a person eats baked goods that contain this flour, he always feels full and therefore cannot eat large quantities of food.

On the other hand, oatmeal works on high protein content and lowers blood sugar, and it also contains soluble dietary fiber called beta-glucan, and many studies have shown that oatmeal is originally low in calories, so there is nothing wrong with eating it in abundance, especially For those who are obese.

Eat legumes
Legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and many others, and these legumes contain protein and fiber that increase the feeling of satiety and fullness, which makes the person unable to eat additional meals during the day, so nutritionists advise in different diets to eat beans and different legumes as part of the slimming process.

eat nuts
Some may think that nuts increase weight due to the presence of fat in them, but the fats that nuts contain are beneficial for heart health, on the one hand, and there are dietary fiber and protein on the other, so eating nuts means fullness of satiety and therefore leads to weight loss depending on for this matter.

However, one should be careful not to eat nuts in abundance, because they may be dangerous to humans or to the diet for slimming, because according to various studies they are high in calories, and therefore they should be eaten in moderation.

eat eggs
Eggs do not contain huge calories, which makes them among the nutritional foods, in a study conducted on people who eat eggs daily, it was confirmed that they have an ideal body better than those who do not eat eggs, because eggs, especially in breakfast, help with satiety and fullness. And not eating a large amount of food, thus reducing the proportion of calories entering the body.

Eat avocado
Avocado is one of the fruits rich in natural fiber as well as healthy fats, so this fruit can be included in the diet and nutritionists advise that it should be eaten constantly, as various studies have shown that eating avocado works to increase slimming and get rid of excess weight and supply the body with important nutrients and thus helps It also increases the risk of developing some immune or metabolic diseases.

eat vegetables
Vegetables are another important food that helps us lose weight, especially cruciferous vegetables, which are high in dietary fiber, and these vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and other such vegetables.

Eat berries
Berries are very useful fruits for health in general, and studies have shown that raspberries, for example, contain 8 grams of dietary fiber, which means that berries are a source of dietary fiber that increases satiety and fullness and thus reduces calories in the body.

lose weight faster
lose weight faster

Hmemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Quick weight loss exercises

  • Ball exercise: In this exercise, you need a medium-sized, soft ball. Sleep on a flat back on the ground, then bend your feet towards your stomach and extend your hand holding the ball to your feet and deliver the ball between the feet, then come back again and lie down and then come back and extend your hands towards your feet And get the ball and lie down and repeat the exercise for at least ten minutes.
  • Alternate exercise or bike: Do this exercise on a flat surface or on the surface of the ground where you lie on your back, and raise your feet up and bend them and move them in the air, the switch movement, this exercise reduces weight and tightens the abdominal muscle and needs only ten minutes.
  • Feet touch exercise: This exercise focuses on touching the hand to the foot, by lying on the ground and raising the feet and making them in a movement of 90 degrees and then extending your left hand to touch your right foot and then switching to touch your left foot with your right hand.
  • Superman exercise: Sleep on your stomach as if you are preparing to do a push-up. Raise your body with your hands and feet, then straighten your right hand and left foot until your body is well fixed, then raise your left hand and right foot and count ten repetitions and then switch steps.
  • Bridge exercise: This exercise helps reduce fat in the pelvis, thighs and shoulder, just lie on the back and bend your knees while keeping your heels on the ground, bend your right knee over the left while pressing the left knee using dumbbells, by the left hand and by moving and making the right hand Support the rest of the body while on the ground and by raising the knees up and then slowly descending, and with the switch, you will feel with the repetition of the exercise a tension in the muscles of the thighs.
  • Sambo Sky exercise: It is an important exercise that works to burn fat from the thighs and hips. Sit on a chair and make your back and head straight and open the thighs in an obtuse angle, and then raise both hands up until they touch and then lower them one by one and you can raise your hands using dumbbells until you get The better the tightening of the muscles and the gradual way of descending the hand, you will feel a tightened body in a short time.

Benefits of slimming and losing weight

Obesity has severe risks to the body, as it affects it with many different diseases, so one of the benefits of slimming is to get rid of some diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, shortness of breath when sleeping, high cholesterol level in the blood, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and other diseases.

Various studies have also indicated that there are other great benefits related to improving mood, getting rid of depression and increasing self-confidence to reach a strong and graceful body away from the familiar form of obesity.

anyway; Slimming and losing weight are necessary things as we saw in this article, so we have to follow the important tips that were mentioned in it and eat these foods that help slimming, and the help of nutritionists who help us know the integrated diet that brings us to fitness and the ideal body.

An urgent plan to get rid of obesity

  • Obesity has many different risks to the body, but at the same time there are many solutions to get rid of obesity through many tips, and an urgent plan to get rid of obesity, and these are the tips and steps for how to get rid of excess weight and burn the fat accumulated in the body :
  • Reducing carbohydrates: This is one of the most important means that you should keep in mind, as carbohydrates are one of the most important substances that increase weight, so reducing these substances helps reduce appetite, and thus get rid of the calories that an individual eats in his day.
  • Stay away from sugary and carbonated drinks: It is necessary to reduce weight and reduce calories in the body, reduce drinks that contain a high percentage of sugar, as well as soft drinks those drinks that have very high calories, and thus increase body fat, so you should stay away Absolutely from eating it.
  • Increasing the proportion of proteins in food: It is necessary to increase the proportion of proteins in the daily food, as proteins are very important in enhancing the levels of metabolism and thus help to reduce appetite significantly, which means reducing calories entering the body.
  • In addition to these tips, the obese case must be presented to the nutritionist, to develop an urgent plan for slimming according to the health condition, weight and other factors set by the doctor himself.
  • In this comprehensive presentation, we got acquainted with many points and information that display the disease of obesity, a dangerous disease that has many health complications that may be a sure death for the person who is sick with it.

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