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Dominoes is one of the ancient games invented by the Chinese and then spread all over the world in different forms and methods, but the important and main rules of this game are the ones we mentioned in this article. A pro at this game, tell us; Have you played dominoes before? Do you like to play with more than one player?

How to play dominoes professionally

Dominoes is one of the ancient games that the Chinese knew in the Middle Ages, and it is still one of the popular games in different countries of the world, and this game has many rules set by professionals in this game centuries ago. For its own fun, have you played dominoes before and do you like this game, in this article; We learn the answer to the important question, how to play dominoes professionally, through easy and simple steps that we will learn about shortly in the following lines.

What are the ways to play dominoes? 

There are two ways and means that you can play dominoes, and they are domino table, which is about sharing a straight table with friends, in which you put domino cards, which are small rectangular pieces that some call tiles or stones, and they are two squares, each of which contains a number From the points that form numbers, and on the basis of these numbers, the points of each player are calculated at the end of the game, where the player places the similar pieces in numbers next to each other, and the game continues until the end until the end of all the cards for each player separately, and in the end the points are calculated according to the remaining pieces in the hands of every player.

And the modern method, which is the electronic domino method, is the second method of the game, and it is a method imposed by technology, which made the same rules of the game take place through the electronic game that takes place via the computer, and using the Internet via electronic gaming sites, among which dominoes are a famous game.

What are the basic rules of this game?

Before we get to know the steps of the domino game professionally, you must first know all the basic rules of the game, so that the game is clear in front of you. The need to mix the domino pieces on the table and flip all of them until all the numbers disappear and block them from the players, and this is an effective way to prevent cheating in the game. The players draw the domino pieces at random and then start playing after the draw.

Each player takes a number of domino pieces, often a full of domino pieces, and the rest of the pieces are stacked on the side of the table to be withdrawn from the player in case they are needed in case the playing card compatible with the existing piece runs out On the table. Players take turns placing similar dominoes on the table, so that the numbers are stacked next to each other, and when the pieces run out in the player’s hand, this player is the winner, while the numbers of domino pieces are counted in the hands of the player or other players, and thus the points are calculated. The win is achieved when the last player exceeds about 200 points or 250 points, and therefore the player with the lowest points wins and whoever exceeds these points, whether 200 or 250 points, loses.

How do you play dominoes professionally?

We will now create an imaginary situation for you, so that you are fully prepared to play the game of dominoes on the table and compete to win this game, so let us learn about it through the following points: Start planning the game first, which is to play one or two opponents depending on the agreement. 

Determine the player who begins to put the first dominoes on the table, after the process of mixing the pieces that are not shown on the table, in order to hide each of the pieces from each player, and thus you distribute about 7 dominoes to each player separately. With this step, you put the rest of the pieces on the table and are not shown stacked, so that these pieces are in front of the players and they are drawn from them in case they are needed during the game. After distributing the playing cards, the first player places a playing card that is equal in numbers, if possible, in the middle of the table to be played through, and the other player places the domino that matches it.

For example, when placing a playing card with the number six on it, the player must The other has to choose a playing card from his domino with the number six on it and place it on the side of the card on the table floor. Your mind must be in constant thinking during this game, so that you guess the way to play the other by revealing his card and calculating the cards you have, and guessing the cards on the table that have not been drawn, and thus you can guess these cards, and these may only exist by practice and continuous playing. Calculating the gain and loss, as we said before, the higher points are the loss for the player, as the number of game points is calculated for the domino player.

And you can play dominoes in many ways, such as the player between you and another player, between you two a table, and then you play dominoes in the well-known way that we got to know in the previous steps, or the domino game can be between three or four players, but in the case of four players, the pieces and stones Dominoes are distributed to all of them, and in this case there are no dominoes left to be placed on the table to draw from, and thus the game becomes more complex and difficult.

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