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i love you so much

In English, saying the three words, “I love you so much” can hit with the force of an atom bomb or a magic spell. These words can either destroy a relationship when spoken too soon or solidify a bond when said at the right moment. And since in the United States, courtship is rather casual, this makes a heartfelt confession of love more serious than ever.

But what about when these words are expressed with one word, “Ahibbik,” or two words such as “Te Amo?” Obviously, it’s not simply a question of language. Yet, dating cultures can differ by geography, which can affect the meaning of the words. Experts agree that love is universal in value, but the words used to express it can have very different meanings.

i love you so much
i love you so much

So, today we’re going to talk about “I love you” in different languages. We’ll find out how the meaning changes depending on where you are in the world.

What Does i love you so much Mean? It Depends On Where You Say It

Have you ever stopped to think about what the phrase actually means? While you may think that I love you in all languages would be the same with different words, it’s not. In fact, it can mean different things to different cultures. Let’s look at some examples of ways to say I love you in different languages:

I love you so much In French

While America may place a great significance on saying “I love you,” there is less pressure in France. In fact, it commonly happens faster, and though relationships will vary, some people in France utter these precious words after just two months. But, as we said, the dating scenes in France and the United States are very different from one another.

It’s said that in France, they don’t have casual dating periods where someone is seeing several people at once while trying to keep their options open. French tend to move faster because they’re all in, and sometimes they’ll go on three to four dates in one week with someone they just met. Furthermore, it’s common in France to meet each other’s friends after just a few dates and then the parents within a couple of months.

The French philosopher Alain Badiou says in his book “In Praise of Love”: “The declaration of love is the transition from chance to fate, and therefore it is fraught with danger and charged with a kind of terrifying stage fright.”

If you don’t say it, the relationship will die
A friend of mine once said after a long affair with a guy in which you never fell in love, that if he didn’t say “I love you” to make up for all the time that had passed, the relationship would soon die. I couldn’t believe it. Declaring love is the big move that we are all waiting for, and if you are thinking of telling her I love you soon.. then this article is for you:

First of all, it should be noted that men are somewhat different from women in expressing their feelings of love, and therefore it is necessary to separate.

Of course, you can’t start getting to know a young woman, spending a specific time together every day, and reaching that she really cares about you, and you do, and then don’t ask yourself after this stage how much your feelings are, and if it’s love or not yet.

How do I express?
There are some simple signs that help you in this, for example: when you find yourself knowing many details of it, and knowing a lot of information about it, and you imagine a whole life with it, and you feel that your heart knows its dreams and its reaction to some situations, … Well, this looks like love, so how do you express it ?

Mostly the girl first likes to hear the word love and she is ready for it, meaning that she is also in the same situation, she loves you and thinks about admitting it, so she sends you some signs, intense interest in you, and spending a long time with you, whether abroad or phone or virtual conversations, she asks About your day, your friends and family, she’s there when you need her, and of course she laughs no matter what silly jokes you make.

Tell her at any time that you love her if you feel so too, and make sure that the confession is generally in a fleeting and honest situation.

If this is the case, tell her at any time that you love her if you feel that way too, and make sure the confession is generally fleeting and honest. And in a relationship like this, don’t be too late to tell.

If love is not in a relationship, if you love her and don’t know how she feels or what she thinks about it, then some cues before declaring it might work: Attempts to get close and chat so you know how to take it.

face to face
In the age of Internet addicts, and hiding behind the screens of electronic devices, it seems important and necessary to note that whatever the nature of a girl’s relationship with her Facebook account, there are many girls who prefer to hear the word “I love you” face to face.

The first is to prepare yourself for that, daily breathing exercises for a week, and you will find yourself able to talk outside the virtual world.

According to a dating and relationship expert
According to dating expert Whitney Casey, there are several things you should consider when you’re confessing your love:

You don’t confess your love after making love. The bed is not a suitable place to utter these words for the first time, and people are known to say what they do not mean in the bedroom.
Don’t say it when you’re in a high mood. Wines and types of quality in different degrees sometimes make us say things we don’t mean, and this is not romantic in our eyes.
Don’t act like you’re in a drama show. Take it simple, there is no need to go on stage or make artificial decor. Just an intimate session or a private meeting between you and her in a nice place is enough to know that you are totally serious about her and about love too.
Don’t think too much: The golden rule is that this word should come from your heart and not your mind, and what matters is that you mean it and not how you say it. Keep this in mind at all times, and you’ll know how to act.

“Love cannot become a gift given in the complete absence of risk.”

Alain Badiou says, “Love cannot become a gift given in the complete absence of risk.” Always remember that confessing love will not be without risk, the risk of losing something, or being met without the reaction you expected, or being rejected for one reason or another, or even that words will betray you at the time, but if you declare love and are met with it, it will make your life It always takes your breath away and amaze you.

That is why he deserves everything written by poets, drawn by artists, and sung by singers. If you are absolutely sure that you love, do not hesitate too much.

i love you so much
i love you so much

I love you so much In Iraq

In Arabic, the words “love” and “like” are translated into the same word: Ahibbik. For this reason, it’s not strange for a man to court a lady using “ahibbik” on their first date. Customarily, in the US, relationships evolve from liking a person to loving that person. Yet, in Iraq, this progression is marked by a family visit. For example, the man’s family will have the opportunity to meet the woman’s family to ask for her hand in marriage. This visit is a public declaration of commitment by the suitor and his family. So, in a sense, this may be the equivalent to America’s “I love you” signifying a commitment. With this being said, in Iraq, if you want to express sincere or deep feelings, you could say something like “amoot alaych,” which means “I’m dead in love with you,” or “a’shaqich,” which translates to “I’m deeply in love with you.”

i love you so much
i love you so much

i love you so much In China

In China, the man will usually say, “Wo ai ni” to a woman he wants an exclusive relationship with. Before these words are uttered, she may kiss him, hold hands, go hiking, see movies, but will usually wait for the statement before appearing to date in public or have sex. Yet after “Wo ai ni” is spoken, both the man and woman will say it to each other, probably daily.

So, in other words, “Wo ai ni” just signifies the first time a man wants the woman to know that they can go exclusive as a couple. It relates mainly to younger people between the ages of 20 and 35, as the older generations don’t really say it much.

i love you so much In Argentina

Argentina seems to be split about whether “te amo,” which means “I love you” or “te quiero,” which translates to “I want” or “I desire you,” reflects the stronger commitment. While both phrases could lead to two people moving in together or getting married, getting there may take forever or might come very quickly.

Here are some other ways to express loving emotions in Argentina:

  • Me re copás: You take me over/absolutely fulfill me
  • Me Flecho: His/her arrow struck me
  • Me va [or] me re cabe tu forma de ser: The way you are is my way
  • Me encantás: You charm/enchant me
  • Alta onda pegamos: We’ve hit a high wave or vibe
i love you so much
i love you so much
14 ways to tell him: I love you so much

Did you fall in love? And you feel your heart beating for your lover and you don’t know what to say to him? You carry sincere feelings of love and affection for him, but you do not have the courage to express to him what is going on inside you? Surely you feel ashamed and embarrassed when you think about confessing your love and affection for him?

Do not worry, dear girl. Today, we will offer you a set of easy and simple ways to confess to your lover about your love for him. Who among us has not had his heart pounded with love and feels love and infatuation for his lover and wishes to reciprocate with him the same feeling and feeling in order to live together the most beautiful love story full of love, happiness and love.

1- Go to him and bring anything your lover likes with you. Try to buy a book from the latest publication of his favorite author, or a CD for the singer who loves to hear his voice, or you can buy him a T-shirt with his favorite sentence on it, or a T-shirt with his name written on it or anything. He loves him. You can get him ice cream with his favorite flavor. This way, he may turn to you and try to see how you feel about him.

2- Write a word that you love and put it in his favorite book or in his jacket pocket. Try to put it in any way. Or you can put it in his car from the inside or on the outside glass in the early morning while he goes to work. This method makes him always think about who these beautiful feelings lie for and with your looks he will surely understand.

3-You can also send him a message with his favorite word or a sentence he always says. You can catch his eye by sending a sign, a wink, a look, a gesture, or a sign that only you will understand. This means your love for him. You can send him a look at an unexpected time that may create an atmosphere of warmth and passion.

4. – Always be by his side and listen to every word he says and do not interrupt or evade his words. But stand by him when he’s upset or going through a crisis or a problem or anything, it makes him feel that you care and make your time only for him. Try to eat with him or go to a quiet cafe so that he calms down and feels comfortable. This makes him fall in love with you and tend to you and understand your feelings towards him.

5- Make sure that you contact him at least once a day in order to ask about him and reassure him out of warmth and respect once. Again, talk to him and laugh and exchange jokes and jokes that are full of humor and fun, this is the way to make him feel that you are funny and feel comfortable when he talks to you, so he knows that you love him and you feel happy when you talk to him.

6- While you are with him, try to touch his hands with your fingertips with soft and gentle touches. These united nerve endings on the fingertips are enough to tell everything. Try to make him feel all the love and infatuation you carry, or you can touch the cheek with love and tenderness, as this is how you say your love in a loud and very clear voice.

7-Try to show him that you feel afraid and worried about him and that you can help him with anything so that he does not feel tired or overwhelmed without asking you. Make sure to make his life easy, simple and uncomplicated, that is, arrange his closet with a small red heart or a small love letter. You can buy him something he needs without him knowing, this will make him feel your love for him, or you can do work for him or stay up with him and help him get rid of his many work. It makes him dependent on you and feel irreplaceable.

8- On his birthday, bring him a cup engraved with a red heart or the word I love you in his name, or engraved with his picture. You can write the word “I love you” with food or fruit, that is, cut the fruit in the form of the word “I love you”. Or a candy bar that you can gift.

9-When you meet him at any time and any place smile at him and say hello to him very warmly with the tender looks in his eyes and get close to him a lot. While you are with him at a party, meeting, family meeting, or meeting friends, get close to him and share the conversation and look at him with longing looks and when he looks towards you. I shyly look away from him. This makes him feel your love and concern.

10- Always ask for his help in studying, for example, or ask him to help him understand anything about a subject you are studying. Tell him a problem you have had, and if he asks you why I am taking advantage of the opportunity cleverly, but don’t confess your love for him, but you can say that you feel happy with him and comfort when you are near him, these words are enough to express what is going on inside you.

11-Share his interests and do the things he loves. If he is an athlete and loves sports and football, you can watch a sports match with him or participate in the club in which he plays and go there to play with him. You can book tickets at the stadium to attend the match of the club he loves and prefers. If your lover is a fan of cinema and watching romantic, comedy, action or any kind, book cinema tickets to attend the movie he prefers and try to enjoy your time with him.

12- Talk about his qualities and advantages in front of his friends and talk more about him. This is an indirect way of expressing your love for him, because his friends will tell him every word you said about him, because friends are natural and do not hide anything from each other. Here he knows your love and belonging to him.

13-If you have a crisis, problem or disagreement with anyone else, resort to him and call him and ask to see him and cry to him a lot if necessary and tell him your problem and ask for his help and advice so that he can find solutions to your problem with you and try to repeat that constantly, this makes him know that you love him so much and ask for his opinion Help him and trust his opinion.

14-Tell him your secrets and share the things you hide from everyone, this makes your relationship stronger because you trusted him with your secret and chose him among many, this makes him feel his precious value to you and your trust in him. You can tell him about the things you wish to achieve and your wishes. Mention his advantages in the person you want to associate with. You can describe it but on the pretext that you wish the person you wish to relate.

i love you so much
i love you so much
Away from “I love you so much”… 6 romantic words you should say to

A woman loves to hear the word “i love you so much” from her lover, because it has a strong and deep impact on her emotions and feelings, but despite that, this word alone is not enough.

There are several short but strong words and phrases in their meanings and their impact on the psyche of a woman, and she wants to hear them from her lover, so you have to make sure to express to her your love for her with the word “I love you” and also with other words that have a magical effect, according to the website of the specialized German “brigitte” magazine. Women’s affairs, emotional and family relations.

1- You are the most important thing in my life

There are many important things in a person’s life that arouse his interest, whether it is related to people such as parents and brothers or work and practicing identities. But you should not exaggerate the interest in these matters and neglect the partner, so saying to him “you are the most important thing” is an objective and acceptable sentence to strengthen the relationship between the two partners.

2- I want you as you are

During the initial period of the relationship, both partners choose the sentence carefully and avoid what provokes the other party. But later, with the passage of days, the matter changes and each side discovers the other aspects, including the negative in the other’s personality, and whoever can say to his partner, “I want you as you are” proves that he wants the other as an actual partner for him and not to fulfill his desires and wishes.

3- I trust you

When we trust the other we can talk to him frankly, and the phrase “I trust you” indicates that we are ready to open up and express our feelings to the other, and this requires more courage than saying “I love you so much.”

4- I forgive you

During the romantic relationship and the period of love, each party can mistake the other and hurt his feelings. Whoever can forgive and forgive gives the other person a new chance and is an actual proof of love.

5- I respect you

It is interesting that many people accept and respect their surroundings, but when it comes to the partner, it is different. But whoever says to his partner, “I respect you” and actually proves it, he really loves his partner.

6- I will protect you with my soul

Certainly when we can protect ourselves well and completely, these phrases evoke comfort and security in the soul, and make a better impression on the partner than saying “I love you so much”.

i love you so much

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