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Importance Of Light, Light is a blessing that we perceive with sight: what is light? What is the importance of light in our lives?

Light Is A Blessing That We Perceive With Sight

The importance of light from sunlight is summarized in the manufacture of vitamin D. This important and necessary vitamin for the body is manufactured within the cells of the epidermis of the skin or on the surface of the skin. This is done through chemical reactions that take place between sunlight and skin cells, and light is mainly included in the details of our daily lives. As it is an essential and indispensable thing, an urgent need, and a great necessity. Because it enables us to see things, assets, and people and perceive them with the sense of vision through the eyeball.

What Is Light?

We can define light as a form of energy, and the light is an energy that can be seen with the naked eye and emits radiation that the human eye absorbs, sees, sees, and distinguishes. Out of a billion parts of one normal meter, the normal light radiation visible to the naked eye is located between infrared and ultraviolet rays, and the light beam is characterized by its great, great, maximum, tremendous and infinite speed; The speed of light is about 300 kilometers per second from the time line.

What Are The Properties Of Light?

1. The property of light refraction:

The property of light refraction means the change of the light path that the light wave draws when it travels, moves, and travels from a specific material medium to another specific material medium, and it also causes the light wave to refract, hence the property of light refraction as the first feature of ordinary and visible light.

2. The property of light reflection and scattering:

When the light collides with another body, this body, which is different in its physical and chemical composition from the physical and chemical composition of the light, absorbs energy from the light, stores it and keeps it within its atoms and molecules, and then re-broadcasts it and spreads it in all places, directions and paths, and this physical phenomenon that distinguishes light from the rest is called objects and gives him the privacy of the phenomenon of light reflection.

3. Overlapping property:

There is a theoretical rule in the world of physics that says that every wave, regardless of its type, whether it is light, water, air, or sound, has two main regions for this wave, which are the region of the top and the region of the bottom, and if these two waves meet and meet directly, parallel, and coexisting, they will interfere with each other and between them In this case, another physical phenomenon arises that distinguishes light and gives it a third privacy. It is the property of interference.

4. Propagation and diffraction property:

The property of propagation and diffraction is one of the most stable, stable, and clear characteristics of light. It is the most important characteristic of light and the most well-known among the many, complex and overlapping properties of light. This property explains that light has a wave-like physical nature. Because the light passes through a narrow skylight and passes through this small hole in the wall and through it spreads in all directions, paths and aspects, it travels in this way like the rest of the ordinary electromagnetic waves, and this property is called propagation and it is the most visible and distinguishable property with the naked eye.

5. The phenomenon of light polarization:

The phenomenon of light polarization is illustrated by taking two transparent crystals and placing them so that they are opposite and completely parallel, so that one of these two crystals takes a vertical right angle position. That is, at an angle of 90 degrees, and based on this physical hypothesis, the light will easily be able to pass through these two crystals, and this property is called the property of polarizing light.

6. The chemical property and its effects:

The chemical property of light is manifested by the change of the outer surfaces of chemicals through the process of absorption.

7. Photoelectric property:

This phenomenon occurs clearly and unmistakably when an electromagnetic ray hits the surface of any metal element, causing the liberation of a torrent of negatively charged electrons and their exit from the surface of the metal.

Importance Of Light
Importance Of Light

What Is Importance Of Light In Our Lives?

Light is an essential element in the life of living organisms that cannot be dispensed with or replaced by any other element.

Light helps all living organisms on the surface of the earth and simple to carry out the vital and chemical reactions necessary for their growth, development and survival such as demolition, construction and bio-photosynthesis.

Without light a person cannot grow.

Light gives humans visual vision and the ability to distinguish objects in terms of their sizes, shapes, types, surface area, length, width, weight, and vision of people and assets.

Light helps people lead their lives naturally, with constant activity and vitality.

When the light enters the brain, it illuminates the dark areas in the corners of the brain, alerting the brain, and increasing the secretion of the happiness hormone, so the person rushes to receive his day with vigor and activity, armed with the will and ability to defy difficulties and have self-confidence. This has a positive, clear and noticeable effect on mental health, thus increasing self-confidence and self-love.

Light is an important element, along with air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, mineral salts, and water in the soil, in the process of photosynthesis necessary for plant growth, the continuation of its life cycle, and securing its food and respiration.

Animals of all kinds, including vertebrates and invertebrates, need light in general and sunlight in particular to search for their food during the day, build their homes and feed their chicks.

Invertebrates need light to reproduce, mate and reproduce.

Through light, humans can distinguish colors, shades, tonal layers, and color properties of objects and shapes.

Humans cannot do without artificial light, which is used in lighting homes, streets, public parks, hospitals, medical clinics, educational centers, swimming clubs, cafes, and hotels at night and after sunset.

By means of light, birds can determine their migration path using the biological clock that regulates the process of bird migration in the seasons of autumn, cold, hunger and snow, as it is like a compass and a map for them.

Light is an important element that helps a person organize his daily life, such as the light emitted from traffic lights, and in regulating traffic, pedestrians, people, large trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and electric bicycles. 
Artificial light is used as a means of guiding ships and steamships loaded with goods in the right direction to set off from ports; By using the night lighting on the beaches, port and harbour.

It is worth noting that animals of all shapes, types, and varieties migrate from one place to another in order to search for sunlight. Since they cannot live without light in general and sunlight in particular. Light stimulates animals and other living beings to exercise their activity and carry out their work with vitality and energy.

Reptiles need, on a daily or almost daily basis, to be exposed to continuous exposure to sunlight for long hours to renew their life and the color of their skin, to regain its luster, freshness, and splendor, and to complete their life with vigor, activity, and vitality.

The hot and bright rays of the sun help to continue producing organic materials from the remains, leaves and stems of plants that grow on the surface of seas, lakes and oceans, and then are exposed to drowning in the seas and oceans. This constitutes a useful and fatty food for marine animals that live on the seabed, such as fish and others.

Even animals that live their entire life cycle in the seas cannot do without sunlight and its blazing rays. Because it supplies the waters of the seas and oceans with warmth and heat, animals do not feel cold, lethargy, laziness, or winter hibernation. Rather, the sun’s rays give these animals an impetus to restore their movement, vigor and activity.

The importance of light from a physical point of view is evident when we see the following natural, biophysical phenomena on Earth’s surface:

The phenomenon of the rainbow in its colors and beauty. 
The phenomenon of the moon, its states and phases, starting from the crescent phase and ending with the full phase. 
Interpretation and analysis of the phenomenon of eclipses and eclipses of both the moon and the sun physically. 
Clarify and explain the working mechanism of convex, concave, flat, magnifying, miniaturizing, and parabolic mirrors. 
Explanation of the phenomenon of shadow formation of people, things, plants and animals.
Importance Of Light

What Are Benefits Of Sunlight Scientifically And Life?

Through light, physicists have been able to analyze, interpret and explore the necessary information about everything related to man and the universe. This is done by conducting a scientific and physical analysis on electromagnetic radiation light rays.

Through the scientists’ continuous attempts and their unremitting efforts to analyze a beam of radiation and accurately determine what the radiation is and its energy, these great teachers were able to know and discover precious and valuable information about the nature of life and existence in past eras and ancient times.

Through light and radiation, scientists have been able to determine the chemical and physical composition of stars, and measure the degree of expansion and contraction of the universe around us. This brought about a new revolution in the field of science, and changed some scientific and atomic concepts and turned them all upside down.

Western scientists were able to develop an old theory in physics called the “quantum mechanics” theory. This was done through analyzes and studies conducted on the frequencies of light rays absorbed and emitted by atomic bodies and nuclei.

Through light and the study of light, a lot of wide and complex software applications have been developed, which use a complex programming language and accurate and modern programs based on controlling the properties, features and characteristics of ordinary light, and we mention from these applications: lasers, and communication devices that are based via optical fibers.

It was not limited to innovating, inventing and developing software applications; Rather, work has been done to produce, develop and improve technical technological applications that entered the details of our lives and changed the course of history, and facilitated the process of human communication, thus bringing about a real revolution and radical revolutions in the world of technology, mega and informatics, and we mention from these applications: the phone of all kinds, the computer, and the television.

One of the most prominent phenomena resulting from light is the emergence of a new science called photonics, which is concerned with studying, understanding, improving and developing applications resulting from understanding the mechanism of light work, studying and teaching it in universities and analyzing it.

Among these applications we mention:

Mobile and landline phones. 
laptop computers. 
Television screens of all kinds, square and flat, and color and non-color TV. 
The invention of the so-called robot or robot or what is known as the robot. 
The emergence of radiography, magnetic resonance imaging and other techniques used in hospitals.


Sunlight warms the planet, secretes the hormone of happiness in people, and prepares them to receive their day with vitality, activity, and accomplish the required tasks.