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Successful Entrepreneurs: The stories of successful businessmen arouse passion among readers, as each of us has a desire to create wealth, and of course the successful businessman who was able to create fortunes and successful companies has characteristics that qualified him to achieve this; The sky does not rain gold, as they say.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Kind Of Intelligence Helps Successful Entrepreneurs

One of the most important elements that help businessmen establish successful companies is the way they manage those around them.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, founder, or business owner, the way you manage those around you may be one of the most important factors to focus on.

It is not enough to recognize feelings, you must be able to understand emotions and how they affect decisions and how they affect positively or negatively the work

Entrepreneurship expert Nate Ned wrote an article on the American “Entrepreneur” website about the importance of having emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs, saying that this ability makes them better managers and leaders. First we must understand what emotional intelligence means.

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What Is Emotional Intelligence?

The writer answers that psychologists say that it is the ability to recognize, control, and evaluate different feelings in yourself and others. Some say it’s an inborn trait you’re born with, while others believe it’s something you can learn and hone over time.

He adds that there are a variety of tests you can take to find out where you stand in relation to emotional intelligence, but mainly because of how skilled you are at:

Recognizing feelings: In order to process and benefit from feelings, you first need to be able to recognize them in yourself and others. This involves thinking clearly and recognizing both verbal and nonverbal cues.

Thinking about emotions: Not everything is black and white, you should be able to think about emotion (while still being in control of your feelings).

Understanding emotions: It is not enough to know feelings, you must be able to understand emotions and how they affect decisions and how they affect positively or negatively the work.

Managing your emotions Finally, you have to manage your emotions, regulation and response are two of the most important factors in this entire equation.

He goes on to say, “As an entrepreneur, having high emotional intelligence allows you to be a better manager and leader. It not only affects how you treat yourself, but also helps you connect with employees, business partners and even customers more.” Successful Entrepreneurs.

In another article written by Harvey Deschendorf in the “fast company” website, the author identified several ways to help you be a better entrepreneur in dealing with those around you:

Self Conscious

Self-awareness is vital to everything you do as an entrepreneur. It determines how you spend your time and dispose of your resources. It also helps you become clear about your biggest weaknesses, so that you can hire people who complement you and your own skill set.

Building Relationships

People with high levels of emotional intelligence find it easy to build relationships and forge strong bonds within their businesses. And since we often say “your network is your net worth”, this gives you a clear advantage. The key is to spend your time and energy wisely. And when it comes to networks, the quality of connections is much more important than the quantity. Remember this (and don’t overburden yourself).

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Communication isn’t always what you say it is. In many cases, the way you go is just as important. And when you have high emotional intelligence, you learn how to say things in ways that make people move and take action, Most Influential Entrepreneurs Of All Time.


In his book AskGaryVee, entrepreneur Gary Vaynershak spends a lot of time discussing the importance of emotional intelligence, Successful Entrepreneurs.

He asserts that having emotional intelligence is a secret power. Not every entrepreneur has high emotional intelligence, but those with this ability tend to be more successful. As you work to become a more experienced entrepreneur, founder, or business leader, proactively work to enhance your industry intelligence. It will greatly benefit you and those around you.

Successful Entrepreneurs

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