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Learning german language

Learning new languages opens up many horizons for the learner.

Whether culturally, intellectually, or practically and functionally, let alone the prospects that learning the German language opens for you, which is spoken by four of the largest countries in Europe!

Of course, if you can speak German, it will open many educational and travel doors for you, and it will also open many practical and career doors for you.

This is where Germany is one of the largest economic powers in the world, and is also famous for its great scientific and academic excellence, which provides many scholarships for students from most countries of the world, so why not take advantage of those opportunities??!!!

Many have been able to completely change the course of their lives by studying German, and to become one of these people, we write this article for you to explain the best sources and methods that qualify you to speak German fluently.

Learn German

Many young people in Egypt and the Arab world seek to improve their level of speaking the German language and reach the degree of fluency in it, and this desire has increased among students in the high school and university stages with the aim of traveling to Germany.

The importance of learning German increased as a natural result of Germany’s prosperity, as it was ranked in 2020 as the fourth strongest economy in the world, and German education was ranked as the fourth strongest education in the world as well, to achieve progress over a superpower such as France, which ranked fifth.

Moreover, Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the industrial and technological fields, and it opens its labor market to qualified cadres from all countries of the world, so if you speak German, you can benefit from this vast market.

As for the spread of the German language, it is a language spoken by more than 130 million people around the world, and it is also the official language in four European countries other than Germany, namely Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium.

Opportunities for German speakers

I expect that you have begun to imagine the opportunities offered by speaking German, but let’s make it easier for you.

In addition to the general benefits of learning any language, such as learning about peoples’ cultures, openness to the world, and so on, the German language is distinguished by a great set of opportunities that it offers to its speakers.

Here are some of those opportunities:

  1. Scholarships: There are many scholarships available for German-speaking Arabs and others, and these scholarships allow them to study different disciplines such as philosophy, medicine, quantitative physics, engineering sciences, and other important disciplines in Germany, and everyone knows the strength of German degrees.
  2. Job opportunities with high salaries: As a result of industrial and commercial progress in Germany, many branches of German companies have spread in our Arab countries.

And if you can speak German, of course you will have priority in working in these companies, in addition to some job opportunities in various fields such as translation, teaching, or customer service jobs for Germans.

  1. Work in Germany: The German labor market is the second largest labor market that attracts competencies in various fields, so if you are a speaker of this language and a professional in your work, it will be very easy for you to get a job in Germany.
  2. Scientific specialization: Germany pays great attention to the field of scientific research, so the German language has become the second most important language in the fields of scientific research.

If you are seeking to study quantum physics, engineering or biology, it will be very good to study it and get acquainted with its terminology in German.

  1. Going deeper into literature: learning German allows opening great doors in the study of literature, as this language is the language of philosophers and writers, and contrary to the well-known saying that it is a dry language, it is a poetic language, and it has many poems and novels that are very important to anyone interested in studying literature.

Now, my friend, come with me to introduce you to the most important and best sources that you can rely on in learning the German language, which vary between free and paid courses, international and Arabic YouTube channels, websites and applications…

After reading the article, you will not have any argument about how to learn German.

Best German courses

Excited to embark on your German learning journey, aren’t you? A really good decision, and you can implement this decision through many online courses available in abundance, and do not worry about the idea of self-learning via the Internet, as many have been able to reach the degree of professionalism by using it.

The idea of studying online courses has been very popular among young people recently, due to the availability of time and flexibility in study times and the facilitation of obtaining any training course from anywhere in the world.

Therefore, many platforms have spread that offer online training courses in various fields, including free courses and paid courses.

In addition, some of them are explained in Arabic and in other languages. Below we review the most important free and paid German language courses on various educational platforms, as follows:

First, free German language courses

Some educational YouTube channels or even some for-profit educational platforms offer some useful free courses, especially for the beginner level, to motivate them to enter the vast sea of language.

Here are the best free courses to learn German:

  1. German Course A1: This course contains more than 100 videos that draw your hand to enter the sea of ​​German.

It begins with an explanation of the German alphabet, then deals with its most important basics, such as identifying pronouns, conjugating verbs, how to build sentences, interrogative tools, etc., and is considered one of the most appropriate courses for the beginning of learning the language.

  1. Basic German Language Skills: This course consists of 10 academic topics that explain colors in German and get to know some basic words and situations, in addition to explaining some simple grammar rules. It is a course provided by Alison platform.
  2. 3 Minute German: A course provided by the famous Udemy platform. This course deals with how to build a sentence in German with an explanation of how to pronounce and speak, in addition to explaining some daily situations and how to deal with them in German, but this course is in English.
  3. German language course: A complete training course consisting of more than 500 lessons, this course takes you from beginner to intermediate level, starting from the letters of the alphabet until you reach some advanced grammar and how to speak and manage situations in German.
  4. German Grammar Course A1 A2 B1: A very useful training course for beginners, as it deals with explaining the most important basics and principles of German such as masculine, feminine, types of verbs, plural, singular and other important rules in the language.

Secondly, online German language courses (paid)

Many students prefer to rely on paid training courses, as they believe that these courses may be more valuable than free ones, which is a correct belief in many cases, and the Internet is filled with many platforms that offer paid courses in explaining German.

We review the following:

  1. Udemy platform courses: The Udemy platform is one of the most famous and important e-learning platforms in the world, and Udemy offers a variety of German language courses suitable for different levels to take the student’s hand from the beginning of learning to the level of fluent language proficiency.
  2. Goethe Institute courses: The Goethe Institute provides online training courses, and these courses provide the possibility of interaction with classmates with the possibility of individual speaking with the teacher.

It is required to apply for these courses that the age is over 16 years old, and you can choose between studying one lecture per week or two lectures per week.

  1. john academy platform courses: It offers a group of courses for teaching the German language according to the latest educational standards, and also provides the possibility of obtaining a certificate of completion of studies after completing the study of the training course, and the platform usually offers some discounts on its available courses.

Top 10 international YouTube channels for learning German

Linguists recommend learning the new language from natives, and also recommend the immersion method in the language until you reach fluent mastery.

Therefore, one of the best ways to learn the German language is to follow German learning channels offered by German teachers of nationality and language.

To make the most of this method, we recommend the following German channels to you:

  1. Deutsch mit Marija: This channel started in 2013 and has continued to publish German language lessons so far, reaching nearly 300,000 subscribers. This channel has organized its lessons into arranged playlists to facilitate study and benefit.
  2. Learn German: This channel combines explanations in the mother German language with the use of some explanations in English as an intermediate language to increase understanding between different nationalities.

The number of followers of this channel has exceeded one million subscribers, and the channel contains organized playlists that take the student on an interesting journey from the beginner level A1 until he reaches the level of fluency C1.

  1. Deutsch Happen: This channel is not limited to explaining the most important phrases, situations and words of the German language only, but the introduction of the channel always seeks to reduce the difficulties that new students usually face in learning German, by explaining the problems, their causes and how to overcome them in addition to providing easy explanations And simple to the hardest lessons.
  2. Deutsch für Euch: This channel relies on different life situations and common phrases in German society to teach the German language to foreigners, and it also offers simple lessons for beginners in learning the language.
  3. Learn German with Herr Antrim: Herr Antrim, the presenter of this channel, uses some cartoon videos, entertaining games, and fun clips to convey information to followers, in order to overcome the problem of boredom that haunts most of those who want to learn the German language. It also depends on the interactive method, where viewers are asked to guess the meanings or rules and so on.
  4. Deutsch verstehen: This channel targets beginner and intermediate German learners. The channel relies on animated graphics and illustrated short stories in its lessons to show the most important words, phrases, and situations needed by a German speaker. The channel provides organized playlists to facilitate the learning process.
  5. Learn German with Anja: This channel devotes some videos to developing listening skills, in which the teacher speaks slowly so that students can clearly understand what she is saying, in addition to paying great attention to grammar and its applications, while reviewing and explaining the most important vocabulary and phrases that a German speaker needs.
  6. MY GERMAN SHORT STORIES: It is suitable for an intermediate level more than for a beginner, as it presents a collection of short stories written in German, which are written by the owner of the channel.

In these stories, vocabulary is used with the application of German grammar, which is very useful for improving the language of the intermediate level, as the method of reading and listening to stories is one of the most effective teaching methods for this level.

  1. Get Germanized: To master any language, you must get to know its culture and people, which is what this channel offers with German lessons.

It displays a group of entertaining videos to show the culture of the German people with gradual lessons to improve the level of the learner, and the owner of the channel sometimes uses the English language in the explanation to approximate the meaning.

  1. Learn German with A YouTube channel affiliated with an educational site of the same name. It offers a set of playlists for teaching the German language in different ways, most notably the Learn German in Three Minutes series, which contains a set of videos that do not exceed three minutes in duration.

Best websites to learn German

There are many educational websites for teaching German, which offer complete training courses covering all language levels.

Some sites also provide additional features such as the ability to speak with other students or even native speakers of German, and the most important and prominent of these sites are the following:

  1. babble

The site administrators know for themselves that they are aware that language is not only an academic subject, but rather a means of people’s communication. Therefore, the site is interested in fun teaching methods and helps the learner to master the language and deal with it.

The site provides the ability to speak and record the student’s voice to correct his pronunciation of new words, in addition to a wide range of short videos to explain various language topics.

  1. The German University Online website

The site aims to prepare travelers to Germany to deal with the German language and get a job there, and the site provides full supervision of a group of specialists and experts on the learning process to ensure that they get the most benefit.

The site offers a wide range of training courses covering all levels of the language from beginner to full professionalism of the language, which helps travelers and researchers as well.

  1. DW website

It takes the learners’ hands to navigate the world of learning German, as it starts from scratch and gradually raises the level until the learner reaches the degree of proficiency, and the site provides the ability to download lessons to benefit from them when the Internet is not available.

The site provides various scientific materials such as written materials and lessons in PDF format, in addition to video clips with audio clips to develop listening skills.

The site also provides the possibility of learning through German series, films and television programs, in order to improve the language level of the learner and learn German through its native speakers.

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most important and popular language learning sites in general, and it provides a unique program for learning the German language. This site relies on an unconventional educational method as it turns the learning process into an entertaining game.

This site is very suitable for beginners, as you can start from learning the German letters in a playful way, and provides you with an evaluation of your performance after each study exercise.

The site also provides a set of short videos to explain language topics in an easy way, the duration of the video does not exceed five minutes, and Duolingo has released an application for smart phones to facilitate learning away from the computer.

  1. BUSUU website

It won the award for the best language learning site for several consecutive years, and BUSUU provides study by native speakers of the language, and it also allows you to obtain a certificate after completing the study of each level, and you can add this certificate to Linkedin or any profile.

The site also provides a variety of audio and video lessons, which are based on an interactive study method, with the ability to study while activating the OFF LINE mode.

learning German language

Best German language learning apps

German language learning applications are among the most important applications that every language learner needs on his smartphone, in order to easily deal with them and study through them at any time and anywhere, even in transportation.

There are many educational applications available in the application stores to acquire the German language in an easy and fun way.

Here are some of the best of these apps:

  1. DROPS app

The application aims to make learning German a fun and essential part of every day, by adopting entertaining, fun and interactive ways to explain the lessons.

The DROPS application uses mnemonic techniques to facilitate the memorization of German words, in combination with entertaining educational games, which made it very suitable for people who quickly get bored of learning.

This application is available for both Android and IOS phones, and you can download it from the following links:

Link to download the DROPS application for Android
Link to download the DROPS app for iOS

  1. LINGUEE App

The LINGUEE application is a comprehensive index that collects the most important words of the German language in addition to sentences and expressions common to the German people. It also provides a set of lessons to explain the most important and basic German grammar.

This application also provides a group of daily conversations in the German language to learn how to make a normal conversation in it, and this educational application is available on different operating systems for phones, as follows:

Link to download the LINGUEE app for Android
Link to download the LINGUEE app for iOS


The application offers a variety of educational materials that contain videos, German songs, films, news and audio materials, which allows the learner to understand and get used to the German language and learn its vocabulary.

The FLUENT application is also interested in introducing the learner to German culture, the nature of the German people, and life in Germany. This application is available on both the Play Store and the App Store as follows:

Link to download the FLUENT app for Android
Link to download the FLUENT app for iOS

  1. The application of the most important 11,000 words in the German language

This application is a complete dictionary of the German language, as it collects the most important 11,000 words in the German language with their translation in Arabic, which is sufficient for the learner to learn to speak German, and how to conduct a dialogue in public places, for example, and so on.

This application is available on Google Play for Android only, here is the download link.

Link to download the application of the most important 11,000 words in the German language for Android

  1. Preplay app

The acquisition and fluency of any language depends on the practice of this language and its practical use in conversations, which is what the PREPLAY application allows you, as it connects you with native speakers of the language, which facilitates the process of acquiring the language correctly and with correct pronunciation.

The application also provides you with the ability to choose your own teacher from among more than 250 German language teachers, and your teacher will develop an educational plan suitable for you based on his experience and specialization.

You can download this application as follows:

Link to download the PREPLAY app for Android
Link to download the PREPLAY app for iOS

  1. ANKI App

The ANKI application is based on the flash cards method, which facilitates the process of memorizing words and remembering them later, and the application allows you to create your own cards or import cards from different applications such as dictionaries, for example.

You can also embed sound or image files in your own cards with easy full control over them, in addition to having too many cards already prepared.

The ANKI application also shows you the most important facts about the countries of Germany, its culture, the composition of its population, its people, and the most important information about it, which provides you with full integration during the learning process, and you can download the application as follows:

Link to download the ANKI application for Android
Link to download the ANKI app for iOS

Tips for mastering the German language quickly

Any language needs to be learned with some effort and time in order to reach the degree of proficiency and fluency, but you can speed up the process of learning German when you follow some practical advice drawn from the experience of the best language education specialists in the world.

These tips are as follows:

Try to speak German and use the sentences you have learned in a continuous manner without thinking, and if you do not find someone to talk to, set aside time to talk to yourself in front of the mirror.

Use sticky notes to write the names of the things you’ve learned and stick them on. This will make it easier for you to memorize the meanings.

Reading illustrated children’s stories in German or bilingual to develop language skills.

Writing the shopping list in German instead of Arabic and changing the language of the phone to German, which introduces you to the most important words used in daily life in German.

Think of the different responses in German. When you are exposed to any situation in your life, think about how you would pass through that situation using German.

Listen to German radio or watch some German news and programs on TV.

Listening to songs, watching movies and series, or reading books in German.

And here we come to the conclusion of the article, which explained the most important methods and sources for learning the German language in a self-mediated way via the Internet, due to the great importance that this important language had.

We are pleased to receive your comments on the article and your inquiries about it, and we hope that this topic will enlighten you on the way to learn German and help you master it and benefit from it.

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