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passion in life is the power that lies in the depths of a person that moves him towards accomplishing what he loves, arousing his enthusiasm and determination, to accomplish without feeling tired or bored.

It is the engine of all the hidden energies in him, which gives him happiness and joy, and gives him continuity, even if he faces dilemmas that hinder his progress, and makes him enter his day, active and full of strength, because every minute in life is an industry for the future that we look forward to.

Passion In Life

You have to be brave and enterprising, we will only learn if we try, according to experts.

Passion has a positive effect on a person’s life; It provides him with the ability to accept anything, turn challenges into opportunities and enjoy the time spent on achievement.

so one does not get tired or bored, and from here you find him appreciates his family, his profession and his community alike.

But can an individual define his passion in life? Or does he know what he likes? To answer these questions, we discussed the following with specialists.

passion in life
passion in life

Follow your passion

Human development coach Sawsan Al-Kilani says, “We hear a lot of the phrase (follow your passion) these days, and some young people are puzzled by this concept. How can I know what I’m passionate about?”

The certified trainer from the Federation of Arab Trainers explains this by saying, “Some ancient cultures used to put 3 things in front of the young child, to pick up from them what he likes, for example, a pen, food and a toy.

and when the child picks up the pen, they expect that he will love science and knowledge and so on; and this indicates Some attitudes may be born innate with children, especially in some families who love numbers, mathematics and chess, although they may get lost in the streets easily, because this is linked to the gyrus of the brain, which is a genetic and hereditary matter.

But in normal situations, a mother can often know her child’s tendencies and interests by watching him move around her; Some children dismantle toys, some build towers and bridges, some love singing, and others love football, and when the boy grows up, some things may change, according to Al-Kilani. 

1- A certified human development trainer

Sawsan Al-Kilani: My advice to young people, be a leader of your passion in your journey to make this world better

How Do You Know What You Like?

Every person should try to know himself, know what he likes, and record his observations, and these are some helpful questions:

What makes me wake up early and be active?

What work do I do without hesitation?

What series do you bring so long?

When can I not lie?

When do I spend my money without thinking?

Who is the teacher whose subject I teach without discussion?

The human development trainer shows that whenever a person is able to become aware of himself and know the things that he enjoys doing, meaning that he does with passion and enthusiasm, it is easy for him to specialize in them and make it his profession and source of livelihood, and it is a blessing beyond a blessing that the source of your livelihood is your passion in life and what you love to do no matter what. It was.

passion in life
passion in life

How do you drive your passion in life?

Examples of the role of passion in an individual’s life, “It is said that Sultan Abdul Hamid II loved carpentry and was creative in it, and he found comfort and solace in it, and it helped him focus and think in the conduct of state affairs.”

And she adds, “Dr. Tarek Sweidan says: It is much easier to develop yourself in what you love than trying to succeed in what you do not like, and it brings more money.

For example, taking a course in decorating sweets that you are good at, may help you outperform your peers, instead of taking An English language course because you don’t know it well.

And there are those who say be the leader of your passion, instead of being a follower of it.”

And the human development coach continues, “Try to be brave and initiative, you have the heart of a lion, we will only learn if we try and we may fail, but we must never despair.

Each of us can participate in building the earth in the way he loves and pleases the Lord of the worlds only.”

It turned out that “there are many examples of people who were doing their jobs without passion and enthusiasm and were sluggish and did not make progress and did not achieve goals, and suddenly they stopped and changed the course of their lives, followed their passion and worked in what they loved and changed their lives completely and achieved successes.

My advice to young people is to be honest with yourself .. No Be lazy…Expand your energies, utilize your capabilities, and be the leader of your passion on your journey to make this world better.”

2- Specialist psychiatrist Dr. Mazen interview

Mazen Interview: You have to specify a set of desires and preferred options and not be restricted to one option

passion in life
passion in life

Be Flexible

For his part, the psychiatrist, Dr. Mazen, summarizes an interview with several steps by which a person can determine his passion or what he loves in life, which are:

must scientifically understand yourself, your qualities, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, through mental and psychological tests and measures, and consult with specialists if necessary, which is known as (Self-Exploration).

  • You must accept yourself and reconcile with yourself and work to enhance the positives and modify the negatives, which is known as (self-acceptance).
  • You must specify a set of expected desires and preferred options and not be restricted to one option, which is known as (Self-Orientation).
  • You must engage in scientific and practical life sufficiently to subject your desires and passion to experiments on the ground to make sure that it suits you or not, which is known as (Self-Testing).
  • You must be flexible in facing reality and constantly adjusting your desires, in order to ensure continuity and failure, which is known as (self-adjustment).

Regarding the lack of application of these steps in choosing a job, the American Analytics and Consulting Corporation, which is concerned with well-known public opinion polls “GALLUP” (GALLUP) conducted a global study between 2009-2012 that included 180 million employees from 142 countries to find out the percentage of employees who love their work, and the result was that 13 Only 1% of employees love their work and contribute to its development, while 63% of employees are accustomed to work, but do not contribute to its development, and 24% of employees do not like their work and contribute to its failure.

6- Dr. Mazen interview The individual must understand himself, his qualities, his abilities, his strengths and weaknesses

A person must understand himself, his qualities, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Passion in professional life

In this context, The Muse lists steps for identifying your passion, and some ways to help you start turning it into your career:

1. Remember what I loved as a child: Often, our true feelings emerge in childhood, and are crushed by the pressures of real life. So, think about what you loved long ago, away from worrying about your career.

2. Take money out of the equation: Don’t let financial stress dictate your choices. Your career should eventually lead to financial security, but if financial security is the defining motivator, you are less likely to end up doing what you love.

3- Ask your friends for their feedback: Sometimes you are not the best judge of what will make you happy. Ask people who know you best when you look the happiest, and what you do with more enthusiasm than usual, their answers may surprise you.

4- Define your professional hero: You can identify the people, whether in person or in your extended frame of reference (from dermatologist to Oprah), whose career you want to emulate? Reach out to him to find out more about how he got to where he is, or if that’s not possible, read more about his career.

5. Think about what you enjoy: Focus on the things you enjoy and do well, whether you have a unique way of raising animals, make a super lemon cake, or are obsessed with origami, etc., and write them down. Then narrow the list down to the 3 or 4 most important things, have them handy, review them often, and use them as a starting point when you plan your career move.

To define your passion, social media can be used more than ever.

To define your passion, social media can be leveraged more than ever before Get started with 4 steps

Once you have a strong idea of ​​what you love to do, that passion can still be turned into a career and a huge life leap.

Here are 4 easy steps to start making the change:

Start by talking to a career counselor; They will help other career counselors figure out what they want, they will have insights and tools to help you focus on the things you love most and do your best, and they will be able to offer ideas and guidance on how to find a career that works for you.

Start taking advantage of social media more than ever, we live in a social world, get busy on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Start connecting with people who share your interests, read blogs, join forums and discover what you really like.

Start saving money Once you feel strongly that you want to start on this new path, start saving money. The more money you have in the bank, the less financial resources you have to control your decisions, and the less frightening it becomes if you quit your job.

passion in life

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