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Personal Loan From Banks

Banks set a number of conditions that are required of each customer to approve a personal (cash) loan, and without these requests, the application is rejected for fear of the lack of credibility or the ability of the loan applicant to commit to repayment Personal Loan From Banks.

The personal loan is the most requested and sold in banks, especially among employees in the government or the private sector, due to the ease of its procedure, obtaining it in cash without requiring a specific commodity, and the low interest offered on it compared to other loans and the length of the repayment period.

Banks also provide a personal loan program for professionals and self-employed persons with the guarantee of the commercial registry and the tax card for the project, and its specifics differ from the rest of the programs.

They also offer a personal loan program for their customers with the guarantee of their deposits, and as some few banks provide a special loan for pensioners, Personal Loan From Banks.

Personal Loan From Banks

Personal Loan From Banks

All banks operating, which deals with companies, are unified on the terms and papers required of the customer to obtain a personal loan for ordinary individuals, but the loan parameters vary in terms of value, Personal Loan From Banks, interest rate, repayment period, and administrative expenses, Best Personal Loan From Banks.

In order to obtain a personal loan or any other loan, the customer needs to open a current account in his name to deal with it by paying the monthly installments using a direct debit card for automatic teller machines (ATM), and disbursing the loan value in his account.


The maximum loan in some banks reaches 3 million, provided that the customer’s monthly income is able to pay the monthly installment Personal Loan From Banks.

Conditions and papers required in all banks from customers, whether employees, businesses and free professions, deposit holders and pensioners:

1- The papers required from employees in the government and the private sector:

A request to obtain a loan from one of the branches of the bank to which the client belongs, Personal Loan From Banks.
A copy of a valid national ID card.
Receipt of a recent utility not older than 3 months.
A recent income certificate.

Registering the company in the bank, that is, its papers must be complete and recognized by the bank to finance its employees to ensure that it operates according to the law without any violations.

2- Documents required from professionals and self-employed:

A copy of the national ID card.
Bank account statement (6 months or 12 months, as per the request of each bank).
A valid tax card.
A recent commercial register extract (not more than 3 months old).
A recent utility bill (gas – electricity – telephone) not more than 3 months old.
Additional documents may be requested according to the financing program.

3- Personal loan for holders of deposits and certificates:

It is not necessary to submit any documents for the existence of deposits with the bank as a guarantee, and financing reaches a maximum of 90% of the value of its deposits ,Personal Loan From Banks.

4- Documents required from pensioners:

Some few banks allow a loan for pensioners, provided that the age does not exceed 65 years when paying the last installment of the loan.

A copy of the national ID card
Undertaking to transfer the pension to the bank.
A recent utility bill (gas – electricity – telephone) not more than 3 months old.

Personal Loan From Banks

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