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if you do not know Stanley Kubrick, you may already miss a lot in the history of American cinema And if you are a movie buff, we offer you a lot of information that you may not know about the stations of his life.

Famous director Stanley Kubrick was born in New York City on July 26, 1928 and grew up in the Bronx area of ​​New York City. His father worked as a doctor, his mother was an ordinary housewife, and he had a younger sister named Barbara.

Stanley Kubrick Beginning Was From New York

Stanley attended elementary school and did poorly, he says to himself, I didn’t learn anything in school, and I never read a book for fun until I was 19.

This means that he was a failure in this respect, but this did not prevent him from achieving his dream of writing and playing baseball or American football. He was different from his colleagues and not a failure as we think. Kubrick

Stanley’s ambitions were growing little by little

The poor academic achievement was not an obstacle for the young boy to achieve his own dream, but before realizing the dream, he began to realize his talents in writing novels and photojournalism. He says about this stage, “I started thinking that if I could not play for the Yankees team, I would become a novelist.”

But this also did not prevent him from doing many other creative activities. He joined a band and Stanley was in high school and was a drummer. Then he started entering another field in which he found himself, which is the field of photography, and this is what he found a good job, as he worked as a photographer for a magazine Luke at the age of sixteen.

Stanley continued to work at this magazine while he had another difficult problem: not being accepted by any colleges after high school.

From photojournalism to cinematography

At the beginning of the fifties, after the end of high school and his continuation in the work of photojournalism, he began to develop his works between figurative and documentary. He found an outlet for him in making a short documentary film independently, which he produced with the help of his friends, and the film was in 1953 titled Fear and Desire, a military drama And perhaps this was not common at the time, which is to be produced away from production companies, and here we can say that Stanley Kubrick was ahead of his time by at least 50 years in this step, because largely independent films began with the technological revolution that we live in during the modern era.

The film was a strong impetus to repeat this work again, Kubrick was an excellent director and the wheel began to turn after the spread of this film, the admiration of critics and filmmakers for the scenes of this film.
Only 10 films are the sum of a man.. but

If we measure creativity by quantity, Stanley Kubrick is not a creator or genius as it is said about him, but creativity is only measured by quality and this is what we find in the case of this man. Stanley Kubrick directed about 10 films only in the period between 1957 AD to 1998 AD, which are very few But they were genius films that won Oscars, and a sign of American cinema until Stanley Kubrick became the most influential director in this field, and this is indeed a position that none of the directors of his generation reached.

Stanley Kubrick Most Notable Films

Among his most famous films are Spartacus in 1960, then Lolita in 1962. It was a wonderful movie and achieved great success on the technical or commercial level as well. It was taken from a famous novel by Vladimir Nabokov.

Stanley Kubrick excelled in the movie Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, and the creativity of this movie lies not only in filming its difficult scenes, but because of the challenges facing Stanley in order to come to light, as the US Department of Defense refused to help in the difficult scenes of this movie, forcing to rely on images and sources. The other, until this film came out wonderfully, and this is one of the things that made his reputation as an outstanding director increase in artistic and commercial circles.

Among the films that achieved great success, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to was a commercial success at the box office upon its release.
A Space Odyssey.. is the most popular movie in the history of Stanley Kubrick

A Space Odyssey is considered the most popular movie among his wonderful films, as the film was produced in 1968 and achieved great success not only in commercial terms, but also because it is one of the films that made a breakthrough in science fiction thanks to the wonderful writing of the script that Stanley himself wrote with Arthur Clark.

On the one hand, in terms of directing, A Space Odyssey was full of wonderful directing effects that dazzled all viewers, and perhaps the film’s nomination for the Academy Awards, which reached thirteen awards, is what distinguishes the film as well.

Stanley Kubrick received one of these previous awards for the special effects he performed throughout the film’s scenes, which was the reason for this resounding success.

Stanley Kubrick moves to England

One of the things that affected his life was that he did not stay in the field of work much in the United States, and moved to England, and perhaps this is what made him famous in his works, but despite that, he excelled in several films such as Clockwork Orange in 1971 AD, then the Lyndon 1975 movie, The Shining 1980 and the movie The famous popular drama Full Metal Jacket in 1987.

Stanley Kubrick eccentric

He was really creative, but he was eccentric and different from all the directors of his generation. After moving to England, he lived a life almost isolated from the press and the news circulating, and he lived only between his home and the studio, but this situation continued

For a long time, he refused many works and chose only some of them and worked on them for years until they came to light. Perhaps his most famous movie, A Space Odyssey, lasted for several years until it came out.

His life in England was between sleeping in the day and staying up at night. He was doing this in order to follow the working life in the United States, so people considered him strange. Kubrick Top Movies

Stanley Kubrick’s Personal Life

Stanley married three times, at one point in his life, a woman he married. At first, he married a woman named Tuba Ita Metz, and this marriage lasted from 1948 to 1951, then he married Ruth Sobotka, and the marriage also lasted only three years, until he met his wife The third is the painter Christian Harlan, and they married until his death, where this marriage lasted 41 years, with whom he had two daughters, Anya and Vivian.

As for his beliefs, he was born into a family belonging to the Jewish faith, and he did not talk much about these beliefs.

Stanley Kubrick Dies

Stanley died in March 1999, when he suffered a heart attack, and his death was after delivering his last film, Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

This was the life of Stanley Kubrick, the creative and distinguished Stanley Kubrick, who really deserved to be the life of an eccentric and distinguished creator to be the most influential and powerful director in the history of American cinema despite the few works he directed over the long years in which he worked in the field of directing?

Do you remember some of his films and what do you think of them and did you really like them?

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