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Successful Tech Personalities, Have you ever asked yourself how important it is to know the stories of inspiring personalities around us? Especially if you are interested in the field of technology, you will always find news and stories about inspiring personalities in the field of technology, and you will always find them coming out to us to tell us about their beginnings.

It is important to know very well that if you choose a specific field to become your field and you want to succeed in it, you should always follow the people of experience among the distinguished successful people in this field.

Most 4 Successful Tech Personalities

This is because at one time they were in the same place as you and went through many hardships and challenges until they reached what they are now, so they can tell you what they went through and how they overcame that.

To know the life stories of successful people in order to learn from the mistakes of those who preceded you, and to save yourself years of error and learn to correct your mistakes in order to succeed and continue on your path, and this does not mean that knowing the mistakes of those who preceded you will make you infallible.

Learning from the mistakes of these inspiring personalities will make you overcome many mistakes, raising your awareness and level, but you will make mistakes at higher levels to learn from.

It is a very natural matter, and anyone who undertakes something new must continue to make mistakes and learn from his mistake, in order to raise his status and rise more and gain more experiences in life that make him worthy of reaching the highest ranks, as a person by nature learns in the right and wrong way, as failure is the first path to success.

You may find among them those who were going through very difficult circumstances while trying to rise and succeed, but were able to overcome them until they reached what they wanted, so you learn from them many skills and recipes that may help you if you are going through similar circumstances.

In this article, we will learn about some of the success stories of the most inspiring personalities in the field of technology, and we will be inspired by their success stories.

Successful Tech Personalities
successful tech personalities

1. Steve Jobs success story

“Steve Jobs” is the founder of the well-known brand “Apple” for the production of personal computers. “Steve Jobs” was born in the year (1955) to a father of Syrian Arab origin and an American mother, but his parents were young and could not bear the responsibility of a child, so they offered their son for adoption.

He was adopted by a modest family, “Paul Jobs” and “Clara”. From a young age, his interest in devices and technology appeared. He worked with his father in the garage of the house during the summer vacation in electronics. His father was keen to teach him how to disassemble and install devices.

“Steve” was a genius child, and at the age of twelve he called the founder of “HP” called “Bill Hewlett” to ask him for some electronic parts for a project for his school. summer successful tech personalities.

“Steve” did not like school when he was young, but he continued with it until he joined the university and left it after his first semester there, but he continued to attend the study materials that he considered important from his point of view, and among these subjects was the calligraphy subject, which really benefited him a lot.

Where Steve said: “If I had not attended the calligraphy course at the university, the (Mac) computer would not contain different styles and shapes of fonts.”

“Steve Jobs” got a job at the well-known “Atari” company, which specializes in the manufacture of electronic video games.

Steve Jobs met his friend Steve Wozniak, who became his travel companion and success partner. The duo made a digital device that could make long-distance phone calls for free and called this project the “blue box”. The success of this device was a great incentive for them to complete this project. field and impress the world with what they will make together.

The duo started their company in the garage of the “Steve Jobs” family, and they collected and sold computers. In (1976) their company “Apple” was established, which made a boom in the world of technology and the manufacture of automatic computers, which was a pioneer in its field.

After that, many investors, the most important of which was the “Intel” company, invested their money in the “Apple” company, which caused an important breakthrough in the company’s history.

But despite all this success, things did not go well, as there were some internal disputes regarding management methods, and he was expelled from the company in (1985) successful tech personalities.

Everything that happened did not make “Steve” despair or give up, so after that “Steve Jobs” established his new company “NeXT” to start a new start again, and then he invested in a startup called “Graphics Group”, which is now known as “Pixar”, It is a company that specializes in making 3D cartoon films.

The company reaped great success after the release of its movie “Toy Story” and “Steve Jobs” became a major shareholder in “Pixar”. In the year (1995), “Steve” returned to the board of directors of “Apple” again, and then “NeXT” company joined “Apple” in the same year.

In the year (2000) a very important shift occurred in the history of the company, as it moved to the mobile phone industry, which is considered a small personal computer, and the products issued by the company followed and dazzled the world with it more and more, and thus the shares of “Apple” became constantly rising.

After years of success and prosperity and the issuance of products that dazzled the world, Steve Jobs’ health deteriorated and he resigned from his job at the company until he died on October 5, 2011.

Successful Tech Personalities
successful tech personalities

2. The Bill Gates success story

Bill Gates is successful tech personalities considered one of the very famous names in the field of technology, especially for those interested in this field. the scientist.

He is the owner of the “Bill & Melinda Gates” charitable organization, to which he devotes most of his time now, and “Bill” is considered the second richest man in the world, but how did “Bill Gates” reach all this, let’s get to know together his success story.

“Bill Gates” was born in (1955) in the city of “Seattle”, in the state of “Washington”, he grew up in a fairly wealthy family whose life was not difficult financially, “Bill” was a smart child and excelled in his studies, and showed great excellence and ingenuity in a subject Especially mathematics.

Bill was passionate about computers and programming, and this passion appeared at a young age, as when he was in middle school, the school allowed him to use a computer.

Day after day, Bill’s passion for computers and programming increased, and this prompted him and a group of his friends, including Paul Allen, to discover some errors of the computer software company CCC.

Because of this, they used computers in the school for a long time, which led to their destruction, so the company producing computer software stopped supplying the school with its operating systems for a certain period.

“Bill” and his friends went to the “CCC” software company, and offered it that they would solve their software problems in exchange for the company giving them the ability to use its programs for an indefinite period, and the company agreed to this offer.

Because of that presentation, the students learned and delved deeper into the field of software, and learned software languages, including the “Basic” language, which enabled them to make some games.

They also solved the problems that the CCC software company’s systems were suffering from, and the company asked them to create a program for employee salaries.

At the age of fifteen, “Bill Gates” and his friend “Paul Allen” started their first project, and they called it “Traf-O-Data” to create a traffic program and sold it for (20,000) dollars, and then developed another program and sold it for (30,000) dollar.

The people of “Bill Gates” wanted their son to attend the university to study law like his father, so he went to study at the University of Washington and kept in touch with his friend “Paul Allen”.

At the age of twenty, Bill Gates founded with his friend Paul Allen their own software company and called it “Micro-Soft.” Then, the name changed to “Microsoft.” The company was designing and selling small software for different companies.

During the first year of the establishment of “Microsoft”, they were subjected to a financial crisis due to piracy of the software produced by the company, and from here Bill Gates began to draw the world’s attention towards the idea of intellectual property. After that, Bill Gates had to leave his university to devote himself to his project.

In (1979) the company “IBM” decided to issue the first personal computer, the company “Microsoft” made an offer to “IBM” that they make an operating system for this device, successful tech personalities.

But “Microsoft” did not have the capabilities to make these operating systems, so it purchased an operating system called “86-DOS” and made improvements and development on it, which resulted in the launch of “MS-DOS” and offered it to “IBM” to be the first operating system. PC, IBM accepted the offer immediately.

In (1980) Microsoft entered into a contract with IBM, and the first personal computer from IBM was launched with the MS-DOS operating system from Microsoft.

And “Microsoft” continued to issue other products, the most important of which is the first mouse for the personal computer. Bill Gates wealth.

Bill Gates believed that the true value of man lies in helping others, so that in the year (2007) he donated $28 billion to charities in addition to other charitable works, successful tech personalities.

Successful Tech Personalities
successful tech personalities

3. Elon Musk’s Success Story

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1971. In his childhood, he was all the time wandering in his imagination and inventions to the point that he was so immersed in his imagination when someone spoke to him that he did not respond to him, until his parents thought that he had a hearing problem. .

When he was young, he was fond of space and loved reading greatly, and his immersion in reading all the time made him an introverted person, which made him subject to bullying from his colleagues.

The separation occurred between his parents, and then “Elon” went to live with his father, and at that time his interest in computers and programming appeared at a young age until he taught himself by himself, and when he was twelve years old he made his first game and called it “Blastar” and sold it, and this caused In his lack of exposure to bullying :: successful tech personalities.

When he reached the age of seventeen, “Elon” traveled to “Canada” to study at “Queen’s” University, then he was able to obtain Canadian citizenship, as his mother was of Canadian descent.

In the year (1992) Elon obtained a scholarship to study at the University of “Pennsylvania”, one of the most important universities in “America”, so he studied physics and business administration.

He was very interested in solar energy and believed that there would be great dependence on it in the future and that solar energy was the future for energy, so he decided to obtain a PhD in energy physics.

So he went to “Stanford” University, but in the meantime was the emergence and prosperity of the Internet, so he withdrew from the university, as the idea of the Internet attracted him and dominated his thinking.

In the year (1995) “Elon” started with his brother his first project in his life “Zip2” company, which is a directory containing addresses and phone numbers in addition to a map to facilitate your access to the place you want.

It may not seem impressive to you, but remember with me that this idea was initiated by “Elon” in the early days of the emergence of the computer and the Internet. It was a very effective and impressive idea, which made many investors invest in this company and put money in it.

In the year (1999) he sold his company “Zip2” to start his new project, where he founded the company “”, which is a company for financial transactions over the Internet, so instead of people having to go to the banks themselves to transfer money, “Elon Musk” wanted to It makes it easier for them to do so from the comfort of their homes via the Internet.

But in the meantime, a strong competitor appeared to them, which is the “PayPal” company. The competition was fierce and very strong between the two companies, and the war between the two companies continued until the two companies decided to merge together into one company in the year (2000).

But things did not go very well, as there were many disagreements about management methods between the partners, until they sold the company, and “eBay” bought it, successful tech personalities and Elon’s share of this sale was (180) million dollars.

“Elon” decided to invest this money in something he loved and of value, so he established his third company, “SpaceX” in the year (2002), since he was fond of space and exploration since his childhood, so he decided to invest his money in the space industries.

His dream was to create spacecraft to carry out commercial flights to space and to make the idea of man going into space more accessible, so his goal was to build a spacecraft that would carry out trips to space.

After several attempts to manufacture a rocket that can go into space, it took years, workers and engineers to work hard and proficiently all the time to reach a successful attempt, until the first successful attempt occurred in the year (2008).

So, “NASA” contracted with “SpaceX” to transport equipment to the International Space Station, and looked forward to carrying out the transportation of astronauts in the future.

Elon Musk was very interested in solar energy and the importance of benefiting from it, as we mentioned before, and his interest began with the idea of manufacturing an electric car based on solar energy.

In the year (2004) the company “Tesla Motors” was founded by engineers “Martin Eberhard” and “Marc Tarpenning”, but they needed financing to implement their first car model, so “Elon” joined them to finance them and became an essential part of the design and implementation The first electric car.

Now “Tesla” has become one of the most important car brands in the world, and as for “SpaceX”, there is cooperation with “NASA” to send the first astronaut to the planet “Mars” by the year (2025).

4. The Michael Dell success story

Who among us does not know the computer brand “Dell” or bought any of its products one day, “Michael Dell” is the founder of “Dell Inc” for personal computers, and he is considered one of the most important participants in the computer revolution in the eighties, he made it easy That ordinary people own personal computers.

“Michael Dell” was born in (1965) in the state of “Texas” in “America”. Dale’s love and interest in technology began from a young age. He decided to work at a young age, so he started selling stamps, so he told those around him that whoever needs stamps can He calls him on the phone and he delivers the stamps home.

After that, he started looking for new grooms who live in new areas that the daily newspapers do not reach, and he agreed with the newspapers that he would deliver the newspapers to these areas every day in return for an amount of money. Because of his diligence and interest in work, he was able to earn an amount of (18,000) dollars within one year when he was a young age, as he was a high school student.

At this time, computers began to spread, but their prices were high, and their purchase was mostly limited to companies, banks, and businessmen.

“Apple” computers were the brand sweeping the computer market, “Michael Dell” bought a computer from “Apple” and took it apart and tried to understand its parts and find out how it works and then installed it again.

In the year (1984) “Michael Dell” joined the university, where he established his own computer company from his room in the dorms for a small amount of (1000) dollars, where he used to assemble the computer parts himself.

Then, after that, he borrowed $300,000 from his family, and began assembling computers and selling them to his colleagues at the university with a one-year free maintenance guarantee. He also collected and sold additional supplies for computers.

Thus, “Michael” was fulfilling the dream of everyone who wished to own a personal computer of good quality and at a price that suits his limited capabilities. Michael was always close to the customers to know their requirements and meet them to obtain their satisfaction. He used to sell to them himself and communicate with them directly.

Dell made his decision to leave the university to devote himself to his work and his company, then he moved his company to North Austin. In 1992, Fortune Magazine named his company among the 500 best companies. At that time, it was Dell. The youngest CEO when he was (27) years old.

In the year (1996) “Dell” began a new phase in his company, where he began selling his products via the Internet, and this led to the doubling of the growth of his company in a few years, and his company became the largest company in the world in the manufacture of computers, as it became a strong competitor to “Apple”.

Michael Dell is a businessman who is very keen on philanthropy, donating large sums of money to improve the conditions of families and improve the lives and health of children around the world.

Lessons from the most inspiring figures in tech

1. Each successful person has his own story that differs and is distinguished from others. Each of them has different circumstances, the nature of life, and the environment in which he grew up. Some of them faced great difficulties in their beginnings and lacked capabilities, and some of them had luxurious beginnings and had all the capabilities they needed.

2. The common denominator between the characters we all talked about; That each of them took advantage of all his capabilities, and started with what he had to reach what he wanted.

3. Do not think that whoever grew up in a luxurious life is lucky and his success is easy. Not everyone who grew up in a wealthy or affluent family was a successful person, as there are those who grew up in such circumstances and was a failed and corrupt person.

And there are those who grew up in a difficult and poor life and turned to illegal ways to obtain money, and lost the joy of being a successful, influential and effective person in their society contributing to building it and giving opportunities to those around them.

4. Success does not come to those who have money only, nor to the hardworking and the poor who suffer only, but success is always a friend of those who make good and positive use of the capabilities available to them.

5. You must be well aware that whatever the circumstances you are going through now and the nature of the events surrounding you, you are able to succeed with what you have now. You do not need to find someone to give you an amount of money, nor for Aladdin’s lamp, which will achieve everything you wish for to start a story your success.

6. Start now with whatever capabilities are available to you, no matter how simple they are, and do not sit and wait for your country to improve and your circumstances to change, otherwise you will wait all your life in vain and you will waste years of your life waiting. Start now and create your own story and inspire the whole world with it.

successful tech personalities

In the end, I hope that this article will be useful and inspiring for every young who reads it!

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