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World Laughter Day

Laughter isn’t just fun, it’s a new form of fitness, research has shown that laughing every day has amazing health benefits and can help you live longer.

So, dear reader, here are some amazing benefits of laughter that will make you persevere. Because laughter may be a new treatment for fats, strengthening immunity, etc. Here is how:

Surprising Benefits Of Laughter

  1. It burns calories and tones muscles

Did you know that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day can burn up to 40 calories?

This means that if you watch a 90-minute funny movie, you can burn up to 240 calories, enough to burn off the candy you ate during the movie.

Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurts?

It turns out that a good laugh session can also tone your abs because laughter engages the muscles of your diaphragm, now that’s an exercise you can look forward to doing every day.

  1. Improves memory recall

According to a study conducted by researchers at Loma Linda University in California, laughter is good for your brain.

The study was conducted on older adults in their 60s and 70s. Participants who watched funny videos performed better on memory tests than participants who sat quietly before the test.

People who laughed had a 43.6% improvement in their ability to recall memory, which is probably why you remember funny stories better than sad ones.

  1. Reduces stress and tension

The same study revealed that people who laugh and enjoy humor have significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

We all know that stress can take its toll on your body and mind, but laughter can help counteract these effects.

Low cortisol has many benefits such as keeping blood sugar levels low and reducing inflammation in the body.

Less cortisol means better sleep, so read a funny book before bed and you will have sweeter dreams.

  1. Promote heart health

A good laugh works wonders for blood circulation and oxygenation, laughter instantly stimulates heart rate, breathing and oxygen consumption.

This rise in activity is followed by muscle relaxation and a decrease in cardiovascular activity.

result? Your heart and lungs get a workout that keeps blood pumping smoothly, lowers blood pressure over time, and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

  1. Laughter boosts the immune system

Laughter helps reduce stress, which improves the activity of natural killer cells in your body, which can increase disease resistance and improve the health of people with cancer or HIV.

The so-called “laughter yoga” and humor therapy – in which participants generate voluntary laughter – have become a popular treatment for cancer patients and people with immune system disorders.

In addition to the physical health benefits, laughter enhances mental health and coping skills.

When faced with illness, humor can add a human element to a treatment protocol and boost your spirit and mood.

  1. Laughter enhances a person’s mood

Laughter yoga has become popular over the past few decades as a way to improve mood and self-esteem while reducing anxiety and depression.

It’s where laughter yogis go about laughing to release feel-good endorphins all around.

The real secret is that you don’t actually have to find something funny to laugh at and get the benefits.

Just making the sound of laughter moves the diaphragm and circulates blood and oxygen.

Laughing with a group quickly becomes contagious, eventually the real laughter will rule; To raise the level of happiness in the entire room.

  1. It has no side effects

Today we have many effective medications and treatments available to help heal our bodies, but the benefits can come with negative side effects.

Fortunately, when you include laughter in your wellness regimen, your laughter is less likely to be negatively impacted.

But the warning is only for people with breathing and heart problem.

If you have a breathing problem, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, keep your inhaler handy when watching your favorite comedy.

While laughter may not necessarily be the best medicine, it is often safe, fun, effective, and without side effects.

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