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Stargazing Meditation Hobby, A poet may write about his life a lot especially.. If he didn’t have a life.. You might write a poem about the depths. Because she saw it once. Drowned in my eyes.

I wrote that one of my hobbies is stargazing ,But I hardly look at her And why would I? My strings are cut off. When I raised my head… the last time… And I wrote.. That is one of the things I love… Caring for ornamental plants.

But.. in my house.. there is no trace of it.. And.. there is no place for it.. But sometimes I imagine it. And I’m enjoying it.. The sea… about which I always write… It’s a few meters away from me. But.. I have a fear of drowning.. And the phobia of messages in bottles.. How I pretend to like things.. To look civilized.. and I have attractive style.. But the illusion… grow up..and grow up.. And I run and run… like war.. like disease.. like a bare mountain.. No plant please. And no human can conquer it… I once wrote that I love swimming. But sure.. I meant in a shoal of water.

Stargazing Meditation Hobby

Stargazing Meditation Hobby
Stargazing Meditation Hobby

Stargazing Tips:

First: get away from the city lights

Cities are full of lights, buildings, and trees that would hinder seeing the stars, so it is better to move away from the city and go to a place without lights so that you can see the faintest and farthest stars.

Second: Choose a place where you can see a large field of sky

Keep as far from mountains, trees, and buildings as possible, for they obscure a great deal of the sky; Which makes it difficult for you to see the stars.

Third: Check the weather

Clouds, clouds, and sandstorms affect your view of the stars, so always check the weather in your location.

Fourth: Let your eyes adjust to the darkness of the night sky (dark adaptation)

Look at the sky for about 30 minutes. This will make your pupils dilate, letting in more light. This process is called dark adaptation; This process helps you see more stars, and also helps you see the faintest stars.

Fifth: Avoid white light

After the dark adaptation process, once you unlock your phone and look at the light coming from it, you will have to get your eyes to adapt to the dark again. The light from the phone, flashlight, or street and car lighting spoils the dark adaptation process, so it is preferable to replace the white light with the red light, Stargazing Meditation Hobby.

Stargazing Meditation hobby
Stargazing Meditation hobby

Tools Used For Stargazing:

Your eye is the best for contemplating the stars, as the field of view is very wide, which helps you to see the Milky Way (our galaxy), constellations, and meteors. However, it is possible that some prefer to see the celestial bodies and planets more clearly and closely, so there are some tools that you can use to see more details of the sky, including:

1. Darbil:

Yes, the drill helps you see some details of nearby celestial bodies, such as the moon’s craters, some nearby galaxies and nebulae, and star clusters, Stargazing Meditation Hobby .

2. Telescope:

Telescopes are the best for seeing many details of the Moon, planets, galaxies, nebulae, and many other celestial bodies. A small, refractor telescope, with an objective lens diameter of 70 mm and a focal length of 400 mm, is capable of showing the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, and the smallest craters on the moon.

You should know that these instruments have a very narrow field of view, so your vision of the stars will be limited.

Star Contemplation Great Act Of Worship

God Almighty urged us to contemplate and contemplate His creation. He, the Almighty, said: (Have they not looked at the sky above them, how We built it, and there are no bridges in it) Q.6. And the Almighty said: (And you see the mountains, thinking that they are solid, while they pass like clouds, the work of God, who perfected everything. Indeed, He is aware of what you do) An-Naml 88. These verses indicate the greatness of the Creator, Glory be to Him, for He is the Creator, the Creator, He is the one who holds the stars and planets and makes them move in their paths, and He is the one who punishes the night and the day, and He is the one who controls the affairs of the entire universe, big and small. Meditation is also one of the great acts of worship, as it strengthens faith in God Almighty, increases knowledge, and instills fear and fear of God Almighty in the heart of the believer. Contemplating the stars is not only a hobby, but also a great act of worship.

Stargazing Meditation Hobby


Star contemplation is a beautiful hobby, and a beautiful worship as well. It allows a person to study our universe and its constellations, planets and galaxies, and helps to get rid of stress and tension, and increases the believer’s faith in God. One day you should give yourself an opportunity to contemplate the night sky on a clear, empty day. of clouds and lights.